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welp. another comrade of mine is in dire straits, and could really use some help
sorry to impose.

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hey if you can, please consider helping my comrade Charlie and their SO escape from the transphobic hellscape that is the southern USA

every now and then i get a follow and... i don't use this often? what?

mental health stuff 

isn't it wonderful when you're in a voice chat, you feel like you're on the edge of freaking out, so you decide to leave only for your computer to crap out forcing you to have a mental breakdown in front of other people?

self harm 

the birdsite makes me want to beat myself up i hate it.

time for my "once in a blue moon" post. nothing interesting today though, just complaining about HOW BLOODY HOT IT IS IN THIS GODDAMN FLAT I FEEL LIKE I'M MELTING

my ongoing quest to quit smoking, medical, gross, 

not sure if i should get myself checked out- i mean on one hand i've not really been coughing nearly as much as i was, on the other hand i woke up coughing a lot, and with a mighty pain in my chest which when away when i coughed up some phlegm

i don't know if this is normal or not for this point in my recovery from smoking

so i got my most important add-ons working again........ except aLL MY FUCKING PASSWORDS ARE GONE FROM THE BROWSER VERSION OF MY PASSWORD MANAGER


anyone else using firefox? and did anyone else's firefox add ons just drop out of existence?

:transper: :nbsper: WOULD YOU SMOOCH A GHOST!? :lesbisper: :gaysper: :bisper:

mention of that one guy with the wonderbread fetish 

every time i think "you know what? for all its flaws humanity ain't so bad" i get reminded of wonderbread guy.

smoking mention 

man nobody warned me how much quitting smoking would fucking suck.

that feel when you got food in the house but not in any combination that's useful

pewdiepie mention, reddit mention 

arguing with pewdiepie fans on reddit is probably the most emotionally draining thing that i've done.

more anxiety stuff 

okay so i feel as good as i did before the anxiety problem. that's good.

that was a rough few days.

more anxiety stuff 

just felt it flare up again, it seemed to go away when i reminded myself of earlier today, and that it was just anxiety.

i legit don't know what's causing it at this point. i blame capitalism, but i legit don't know.

considering i can make it go away by focusing on the fact there's nothing wrong with me though is a good sign that it's mostly in my head.

and i won't have to pay a penny for my getting checked out. the ambulance lads were very nice.

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capitalism got me so anxious that i thought i had a heart attack at 26 lol

for the record, i didn't. thankfully i live somewhere with free healthcare so i got checked out by the ambulance crew and i'm actually fine. (which in turn made me feel a lot stronger and healthier)

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