made a post on a local queer internet forum attempting to incite a riot over roe v Wade and now undercover cops posing as drug dealers are messaging me

Notice how none of them have profile pictures. Their profiles were mostly blank too

2 of the three have now deactivated their accounts.

@commiequeer This is so weird to me

Like, are they actually *trying* to be convincing??

@commiequeer too busy trying to get their hands on some "good grass"

That's what I'm wondering! And it's not the first time they've tried this with me

@commiequeer like, is this how phishing is deliberately casting… an unbelievable net, to catch easy fish

@meena @commiequeer

I help moderate what was once Europe's most popular rave forum (especially in the 90s and 00s) and in recent years we have had *loads* of users trying this and have to yeet them from the forum, some cops/feds, others are scammers and a proportion are just desperate hustlers who target any "non mainstream" place - all as bad as each other and those who aren't cops often snitch (or give away info through bad opsec) when caught by actual cops

@meena @commiequeer Undercover cops posing as people wanting to buy drugs to bust dealers

@commiequeer a cop desperately trying to come up with some random numbers: "uhhhh 991 thats different"

@commiequeer Fb banned me as soon as the news hit because I have a repeated history of inciting violence. :blobcatstabbystab:

using fb for good instead of sharing republican propaganda

@commiequeer Next up "You've been marked for domestic terrorism"

Respond with excitement about number theory and how there are actually a lot cool numbers, but you're really more into "happy primes" or something...

Be sure to look up "happy primes" first, though.

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