This message probably won't reach anyone in East Texas but I want to try.

My mom and sister are fostering 6 cats. They can't find anyone to adopt them and don't really have the means to care for as many pets as they have.

The cats were (thankfully) neutered by a cat humane society.

If you want a cat and you can meet in Mount Vernon, Mount Pleasant, Winnsboro, or even any surrounding towns, please get in touch with me.

animal death 

The situation is dangerous for the cats. It's hard to keep them from running out the door. The neighbor has an aggressive pitbull. I was prompted to make this because one of the cats was attacked. His leg is broken. He needs surgery that my family probably can't pay for. Meaning he'll be euthanized.

The cats also have fleas and are cramped because there's not enough space for so many animals. The family also has two dogs and four cats of their own.

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I love cats so much and it would really improve my family's life and the kitties' lives if they could find loving homes.

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Good news! The cat that was attacked by a pit bull got the surgery he needed. The surgeon saved his leg! I was worried about the cost ($3,100) but it looks like my family and friends can crowdfund to cover it. Trying to keep my parents out of more debt

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Buckaroo, the cat, has to stay in a crate for two months. No running or jumping while his leg heals. He also has to wear a cone of shame. He HAAAAATED the one the vet gave him. My mom got him an inflatable one and he likes that more :)

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@commiequeer my usual advice: if you wanna reach people, use tags that are relevant. don't rely on flood boosting for reach.

@commiequeer I'd go with the geographic ones. Maybe there is a tag for animal adoption, but I'm not aware of any. But you could make one up, it might come in handy next time. (maybe not for you but someone else)

Someone else used the tag and I like that but as far as I can tell, it's the only post with that tag.

As far as regional tags, there's nothing in from what I can see. has SOME activity but it's largely news (bots?) I doubt anyone is actually looking in these tags. But whatever, just in case.

@commiequeer I've had people find me through the Budapest and Szeged tags and they are way smaller than Texas, so there should be a nonzero chance. Good luck!

It's apples and oranges. Budapest is a major city with over a million people in it. Szeged is Hungary's third largest city. ETX is rural and sprawling. It's a big region with lots of small towns spread far apart from each other. I'd say the largest city there is Tyler with less than 100,000 people.

If I was trying to connect people looking for a cat in Austin, Dallas, Houston, El Paso, or any other major city in Texas, a geographic tag would for sure help.

@commiequeer Heck. Well, someone from the same general area might know someone who knows someone.

@commiequeer as much as I don't like the place, this might be a good thing to put on Twitter.

Ugh you're right. Maybe one of my sisters still has a Twitter account someone take care of these cats please, I'm too far away (and my apartment is too smol) ​:nkoReach:​

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