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Catch the latest installment before , in which @hazel_healy investigates why a nutritious superfood is being routed away from communities in West Africa to feed salmon, pigs and pets? Read the full story: newint.org/immersive/2021/09/2

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There's just 11 hours left to , let's make them count. By becoming our co-owner, you'll be funding stories that are neglected by the billionaire-backed press. Help us stay in circulation and sustain the journalism needed for a better world. SaveOurStories.info

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We cannot thank our new co-owners enough for backing the call to keep us going. Readers now have less than two weeks to invest in our crowdfunder and secure the future of New Internationalist magazine. Become a co-owner today by visiting SaveOurStories.info!

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Readers have just two weeks left to become co-owners of New Internationalist. By investing, you will be sustaining journalism rooted in honest and in-depth international coverage – alongside a vision for change and hope for the future. Visit SaveOurStories.info today.

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We cannot thank our 619 new co-owners enough for backing the call to save New Internationalist. With just over two weeks to hit our target, we are asking you to become a co-owner. Visit saveourstories.info and help sustain the journalism needed for a better world.

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Golden jubilees are rare milestones for independent media. But as we near our 50th birthday is leaving a gap in our finances. We must take urgent action to . Become a co-owner and help us keep producing journalism for a better world

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Give the gift of a global perspective this Christmas – NI gift subscriptions start from £19.85. Subscribers will receive every print edition delivered to their door, as well as full access to the NI online archive, dating back to 1973. bit.ly/33PQ1VK

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Starting today: see how many wonderful things could fit into just one parking space at @UpcycledSounds in Cowley Centre. Part of light trail w/ @OxfordPlayhouse @ArtsatOFS oxlightfest.com/light-trail

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It makes no sense to ban people seeking asylum from working. Preventing people from using their skills and experience during a pandemic makes even less sense. As MPs debate the right to work for people seeking asylum this afternoon, we say it's simply common sense to

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NEWS! I’m not taking some microchipped vaccine so Bill Gates can monitor me, says man glued to GPS-enabled 4G-capable camera and microphone bit.ly/2PLcH26

Astounded to learn from @bbcnews@twitter.com that maps and charts are a consequence of the US election.

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Thank you to @elNorNor, LisaMadeIt, and @FusionArtsOx for creating this amazing mural outside of @TheBullingdon for the Cowley community.🤩

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All finished! Here is how we made our Cowley Community mural, spreading a message of care and tenderness. Big thanks to mural buddies LisaMadeIt + Sam Skinner, and @FusionArtsOx for commissioning.

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Bicycle Barns are a sustainable way to store bikes. Made from 100% recycled plastic from UK waste & local green oak. Designed to blend in with any house using a simple curved roof design. You can also opt for a sedum 'Living Roof'. bicyclebarns.co.uk/

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