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Catch the latest installment before , in which @hazel_healy investigates why a nutritious superfood is being routed away from communities in West Africa to feed salmon, pigs and pets? Read the full story: newint.org/immersive/2021/09/2

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There's just 11 hours left to , let's make them count. By becoming our co-owner, you'll be funding stories that are neglected by the billionaire-backed press. Help us stay in circulation and sustain the journalism needed for a better world. SaveOurStories.info

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We cannot thank our new co-owners enough for backing the call to keep us going. Readers now have less than two weeks to invest in our crowdfunder and secure the future of New Internationalist magazine. Become a co-owner today by visiting SaveOurStories.info!

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Readers have just two weeks left to become co-owners of New Internationalist. By investing, you will be sustaining journalism rooted in honest and in-depth international coverage – alongside a vision for change and hope for the future. Visit SaveOurStories.info today.

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We cannot thank our 619 new co-owners enough for backing the call to save New Internationalist. With just over two weeks to hit our target, we are asking you to become a co-owner. Visit saveourstories.info and help sustain the journalism needed for a better world.

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We've hit six figures! A huge thank you to the 542 people who have now joined our co-owner community. We now have more than 4000 reader-owners. Help us go all the way and reach our target of £350,000. Visit SaveOurStories.info to join our movement.

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NI is owned by 3,600 readers who share our values. We are a stark contrast to the three billionaire families who control over two-thirds of UK national newspapers. And we’d love you to join us. Join the movement to reimagine the media. Own a piece of us and #SaveOurStories

Well this is scary: "accelerometer data alone may be sufficient to obtain information about a device holder’s location, activities, health condition, body features, gender, age, personality traits, and emotional state" dl.acm.org/doi/pdf/10.1145/330

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Golden jubilees are rare milestones for independent media. But as we near our 50th birthday is leaving a gap in our finances. We must take urgent action to . Become a co-owner and help us keep producing journalism for a better world

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Call for application WdKA PZI XPUB Master 🔥 💻

This is what our first year students do: issue.xpub.nl

This is what our second year students do: project.xpub.nl

This is an open day (06 Feb): pzwart.nl/open-days/

This is where to apply: pzwart.nl/application

This is a website: xpub.nl

Thinking of opening a police corruption-themed carpet shop...

I will call it "Lino Duty"

Want to work in a radical media co-op? New Internationalist are looking for a co-editor: newint.org/about/jobs .

Function to do ceil in bc

define ceil(x) {
if(x/1==x) {return x}
return x/1 + 1;

Eeek! The Brexit trade deal /mandates/ the use of (insecure) 1024 bit RSA, SHA 1 and s/MIME for transferring DNA data because it is built in to "modern" email packages like Mozilla Mail and Netscape Communicator (page 921 assets.publishing.service.gov.)

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