Generalist AI agent is a bit scary. Rather than being good at a specific task, this can do lots of different things (i.e. like humans):

A PDF that is also an MP3 and readable as a plain text file:

This is an ace interactive explanation of how mechanical watches work:

Amazon uses echo "smart" speakers to target ads at owners without their consent.

Fusekle #42 (8 moves)

Nice Alexa va Alexa attach on Amazon Echo - have it self issue commands, run skills silently, MITM itself:

Bold move by the Universidade de São Paulo to let 8 year old kids name their courses...

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I shopped at the Ethical Shop because I believe in a fair deal for workers everywhere. via @ethical_shop

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Catch the latest installment before , in which @hazel_healy investigates why a nutritious superfood is being routed away from communities in West Africa to feed salmon, pigs and pets? Read the full story:

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