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Starting today: see how many wonderful things could fit into just one parking space at @UpcycledSounds in Cowley Centre. Part of light trail w/ @OxfordPlayhouse @ArtsatOFS oxlightfest.com/light-trail

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It makes no sense to ban people seeking asylum from working. Preventing people from using their skills and experience during a pandemic makes even less sense. As MPs debate the right to work for people seeking asylum this afternoon, we say it's simply common sense to

Determining what people are typing on Zoom by observing their shoulder movements:
arxiv.org/pdf/2010.12078.pdf (PDF)

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NEWS! I’m not taking some microchipped vaccine so Bill Gates can monitor me, says man glued to GPS-enabled 4G-capable camera and microphone bit.ly/2PLcH26

Astounded to learn from @bbcnews@twitter.com that maps and charts are a consequence of the US election.

Apparently the Americans have a president that is just awful.

I don't know much more than that because there is hardly ever any coverage of him in the news.

Anyway, they're hoping to get rid of him now and get a proper one.

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Thank you to @elNorNor, LisaMadeIt, and @FusionArtsOx for creating this amazing mural outside of @TheBullingdon for the Cowley community.🤩

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Today we launch a series focusing on the new hunger - and not-so-new hunger - for millions around the world. For the next 12 months we'll be investigating what's wrong with our food system, and how to put things right. Stay tuned! newint.org/features/2020/09/29

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All finished! Here is how we made our Cowley Community mural, spreading a message of care and tenderness. Big thanks to mural buddies LisaMadeIt + Sam Skinner, and @FusionArtsOx for commissioning.

Paradox-free time travel with free will is mathematically possible: iopscience.iop.org/article/10. - sh how the fsck are we supposed to come up with plots for hollywood sci-fi now?

strategic-communication is a programming language entirely made of buzzwords - github.com/rotoclone/strategic

"The syntax of Strategic Communication meets or exceeds the highest standards of corporate discourse, therefore comments are unnecessary and not supported"

Here's one of the pirate radio stations I used to listen to when I lived in Manchester in my younger days. youtube.com/watch?v=_bG6qh1LYu

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Ethical Shop is open for pre-orders for delicious, fresh, organic Greek @gebana oranges! Hand-picked as soon as they are perfectly ripe and delivered straight to your doorstep.


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