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fun is a liberal concept created by the bourgeois to distract us from the fulfilling task of potato peeling uwu

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got some really nice incense which im finally getting to use now !

personal, dysphoria 

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sweden does not exist but if it did it'd be legal to beat people from there with a stick in denmark if denmark existed

nun mi sentas iomete trista :( mi ver艥ajne devus dormi sed mi ne estas laca

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english is a hard language to speak i think. there's a lot of weird grammar and the sounds are weird and the consonant clusters are horrifying.

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Here is a bit of video from the first crossing after halting for the storm of the car ferry between Nagu and Korpo in Finland,
by passenger Peter Rikberg, via YLE.

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Turkey 2018:
路 1 journalist killed.
路 141 journalists detained, 64 arrested.
路 121 journalists sentenced to prison and fined.
路 112 journalists sentenced to total 546 years, 9 months and 20 days of imprisonment.
路 Three journalists sentenced to life imprisonment.
路 14 news agency/newspaper Internet sites blocked.
路 4 media outlets closed.
路 1 journalist deported.

As of 31 December 2018, 171 journalists are in prison/jail.


*lists man-hate as an hobby on my tinder profile*

i just bought 2 big bottles of pucko (like swedish chocolate milk) and i regret NOTHING

studying graphic design is one of the worst decisions i have made. i have done worse but this one's up there

it is... 500... and am not sleep... im going up by 1000 tmrw fug my life.....

mi: a怒skultas malfrue nokte al obskura esperanta muziko

mostly in english because my english just... sucks ass at night i can't say things right HNNNGGHHH

me after 2359 turns to 0000: i can't speak suddenly idk

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cis het men think about someone other than themselves challenge

also my non binareys you're good, and i give a fuck about you also

my new year's resolution is this WOMEN ONLY i give a fuck about, men can eat shid

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