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:ancomheart: I start a challenge for myself. Everyday I will share my intimate secrets with most important and loved people and other acquaintances.
I hope it will help to take of the mask and get out of the coffin.
#️⃣ Call it

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19 The Sun for #AprilArtJourney. This one was nice. Different from the other ones I feel, much more clear and crisp, but that's what the sun does, right?

Picture shows a bright painting of a big glowing sun above a sharply lit meadow. Two figures stand on the light, outlined in by the harsh light. The sun is a bit 2 dimensional, the rest rather naturalistic.

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Day 5
(a bit confused with days but who cares)

I shared my friend the ardent desire to leave my plastmass and start real life. I said that whole my last few years I don't feel alive. I tired talk about personal and want to start it. We drank , ate and went home.

Day 4
I didn't disclose serious intimate things to anyone, but I confessed myself I have no who could make me feel at ease like being at . Also I told my only friend I don't like because it's# boring. At least more borng than adventure novels. Earlier I pretended that poems can be interesting for me. Actually I more like , , but not poems. It hasn`t been so all the time but something changed.

Брошюра "Психология допроса" с полезными советами на случай, если придётся быть допрашиваемым. Скинул @drequivalent, постю тут ещё на всякий случай.


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GOOGLE следит за тобой!!!

Полиция США, а также ФБР получают от Google данные о пользователях сервисов компании, которые находились рядом с местами преступлений. Компания сотрудничает с правоохранительными органами уже несколько лет, но в последнее время запросы на раскрытие данных поступают все активнее. Об этом пишет газета The New York Times:

#google #приватность #свобода

Day 3
I told my collegue which is in France now about my feelings regarding Notre Dame tragedy. We had a little talk. I had never talked the same way with her, we are just two lawyers who work together. She said she was touched.

👮🚬"Одного из задержанных полицейские обливали кипятком по спине, а второму жгли сигаретой ноздрю (согласно обвинительному заключению, «давили пальцем своей руки в больной левый глаз» и «вставляли горящую сигарету в одну из ноздрей»)"

When I exit supermarkets I feel myself raped. Hate these hell places.

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I'm child free but popular communities for child free people (like the reddit community r/childfree) DISGUST me with their constant classism, support of eugenics, and elitism. I hate it. It makes me so angry.

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Me in the 2000's: reading /mu/, listening to Animal Collective, Neutral Milk Hotel and Avant-garde Jazz albums I didn't understand. Just miserable.

Me today: Listening to Snow Patrol, the Killers and Kings of Leon. Feeling great, living my truth.

Day 2
🌡️🚿 I confessed my girlfriend that I jerked off in the shower. It was funny because she really came to bathroom after this happened saying as a joke: "Well, jerked off?". So this story made her laugh.

🤩 I love with J. K. Simmons for its setting, atmosphere of 20 century Berlin and deep philosophy. Closing of is suffering me. ☹️

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