I mean, I will be listening to Tricky instead....

but happy goth day indeed!

may your lippies and eyeliners be dark as your (aesthetic) souls (most of you know that deep down y'all are some tender turtles lol)

@blkstarseed tricky?! i haven’t heard someone mention tricky is a longggg time. i was listening to pre millennium tension a couple months ago! (i hope we’re talking about the same thing lol)

@mo tricky, the man who gave me the phrase "hell is round the corner from where i shelter" which i now use glibly in reference to white people and men

that's the tricky i'm talking about lmao

@blkstarseed yesss!!! i used to love “i’ll master your language and in the meantime i’ll create my own.” anyway maxinquaye was SO good.

@mo now i'm gonna have to listen to his discography more carefully cause I like that line.

very early saul williams tea.

@blkstarseed never met a goth who didn't like tricky. Has to be acceptable for goth day.

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