"Isra Hirsi is grappling with harassment, safety threats, tokenization, and privilege on a national scale years before she's even allowed to vote."

welcome to being young, politically activated, and Black in America.......

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I want better for young folks like Isra

and it begins with acknowledging that both activist and organizing culture are hostile af to Black youth- regardless of what issue it is

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on the whole activist and organizing spaces have not divested themselves from anti-black ageism thoroughly enough to the point where Black youth activists and organizers wouldn't face the significant harassment that they do

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Black youth have been at the forefront of Ferguson, Chicago, Flint, Baltimore, and so many other sites of struggle that intersect with climate concerns in one way or another

and when they're not criminalized they've largely been dismissed using the language of criminality, openly harassed, dismissed in their analysis and solutions

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so i'm curious about the framing of one environmental activist receiving harassment as stark or novel given how Black youth activists have been treated for the past 5 years

especially when
her mother has been the target of anti-black islamophobia since taking office.....

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