i mean i've never *really* seen people talk about the relationship between colonialism and environmentalism in any meaningful way on mastodon so..........

its actually kind of colorful, and darkly hilarious, how the logic of neoliberalism individualist action gets reframed within the context of what constitutes "mastodon environmentalism"

i mean you really got people outchere thinking all they need to do is create solar panels, plant gardens, throw seed balls, etc

and somehow this constitutes meaningful environmental action

and the emphasis on individual action mirrors the same cognitive dissonance white majority environmental movements- radical, capitalist, and everything in between, have displayed from jump

throwing a seed ball is easier than reckoning with the reality of settler colonialism- particularly indigenous ways of relating to the land that were deliminated to make room for European coloniality

with European coloniality came antiblack slavery as a labor force, king cotton, big tobacco--> the rise of agricultural and city planning practices that are largely incongruous with eco systems of Turtle Island


it's been clear for 500 years now that environmental justice isn't going to come without full-scale decolonization

which requires white environmentalists do more than reinvent the wheel of neoliberal action as a means of centering their concerns and empire

if anything that's the biggest "we told you so moment"

moreso than the pithy political farts of white veganism

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@blkstarseed I know you preaching! Mastodon has to deal with how to engage with race and it consistently proves itself to be unable to do so in a manner that is self reflexive on any meaningful level.

The few Indigenous folx on here do their part, but outside of that?? Yea no it doesn't happen

@ArtistMarciaX i STAY looking for indigenous and black folks on here

cause aside from the issue of race

i'm sorry but prattling on about your homemade solar toilet as *revolution* is not fucking fascinating to me

@blkstarseed the way i howled bc honestly....

i mean, my initial reaction is 'we have to do more' but like @Blackamazon on twitter says, 'who is we, fam?' bc the difference in an actual approach to these issues vs the ones that are vapid is astounding.
WEEE are doing work. others are just playing house

@ArtistMarciaX "who is we" is a forever mood for the end of western modernity

the only "we" worth recognizing is the resounding chorus of the colonized and dispossessed

not that other "we" other there

@blkstarseed @ArtistMarciaX my people always taught me that we're here to care for the earth and that earth is alive and with us.

It isn't a tool.

It's a living creature helping us. And we need to treat it as such.

I get so mad whenever I hear the earth talked about as an inanimate object or just a tool instead of the being that sustains us

@magicalmilly @blkstarseed that whole 'we're using the land better than you ergo we're gonna steal it' is manifest destiny in its purest form and the way ppl talk of it now is just another means of it, too

@ArtistMarciaX @blkstarseed "we're using it better"

No, you're flushing it dry.

Just like you gotta rotate your fields if you farm. Otherwise you destroy the soil.

@magicalmilly @ArtistMarciaX @blkstarseed environmentalism, the good parts, shows up as community gardening, as individuals quietly making space for the land to heal, and groups trying to stay under the mainstream radar to avoid getting crushed by market/legal/etc forces, despite the general lack of cohesion between groups anywhere left of center.

The acts of building a sustainable existence and viable platform for resistance are intrinsically environmental things.

Groups like Walkaway (and my own Rheos One project) exist, but will take years to bring "real change", because change takes time and time is money, which we're all a bit short on, it seems, these days.

What I'm trying to say, is there is hope.
A lot of people *do* get that it's all one.

Sure, in the tootfeed, it's recycling memes and talking about eating billionaires, but posting it here helps us find and connect with the people that become allies and support networks.

@eryn @blkstarseed @ArtistMarciaX @magicalmilly

speaking of walkaway. i made some (small) strides towards dropping `gitbook-cli` from the handbook toolchain this weekend during a rare holiday i managed to book.


planning on using my blog as a testbed once i have some more utilities written to work with `make.scm`

i believe we got my brother-in-law on board with the walkaway project this weekend and some new potential contributors showed up in chat so that's exciting!

also, i've been informed that the linux kernel workflow that ssg workflow is based on is unfamiliar to a lot of folks. gonna write up some docs to help with that as well.

EXACTLY! :blobfingerguns:

Due to corporate influence on the environment, it's unrealistic to think that individual,poor, oppressed ppl's actions can have a significant impact on the environment, if the balance of power doesn't get shifted.

Entire suburbs were created to perpetuate the oil industry, by requiring having a car to even have a job or but groceries. The oil industry - and the ruling class - is so entrenched @blkstarseed - 1/2

that you can't have meaningful action without removing them from power.

They own the land, news groups, even prisons and have their own private police. And somehow they preach that I've must simply give up eating meat or stop consuming plastic straws to save the planet, while they keep pumping oil all over.

As long as land owners (it's always land owners) remain in power, the population won't be able to do anything to actually save the planet. @blkstarseed - 2/2

(Also, you might want to follow @GreenandBlack, I see a lot of similarities in your philosophies)

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