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instead of talking down to me like iโ€™m stupid (anti-blackness 101 yโ€™all)

go create a โ€œwhite people doing decolonization workโ€ instance

where you all are doing the work of sharing resources with each other on whatever server of your fancy

instead of thinking iโ€™m going to do extra labor on the off-chance youโ€™ll one day decide not to be an anti-black amoeba

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dear white people of mastodon

please stop coming into my mentions and talking down to me about cyber security and how terrible google is. i knew about cyber security long before you could admit youโ€™re racist.

you will get blocked

๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’“๐ŸงฟHey yโ€™all! Iโ€™m an afrolatinx jewish & chronically ill/disabled trans artist running a small resin business. Itโ€™s going well so far & will ideally enable me to not need to regularly crowdfund for emergencies AND donate to community members in need. However I need an online shop & the service I like is $200yr. I am hoping to raise funds & ideally make this my last personal fundraiser! Plz donate if u can๐Ÿ’“:


"We don't farm because it's trendy; we farm as resistance, for healing and sovereignty - Farming is not new to Black people"

8. Last, but surely not least

You don't need to amplify me

I command attention all on my own

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7) at some point folks are gonna have to realize that merely "following" someone is not a substitute for actually doing the work of dismantling an anti-black world

i've been following Dalit and Kashmiri struggle for years and I don't pretend that's doing anything more than educating myself

so don't delude yourselves either.....

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6) if you come at me sideways, I will put you in your place, assuming I don't block you or ignore you.

and i will still sleep well at night because i don't moisturize and gets my 8 hours only to gain wrinkles just because I made the Quinn Throwpillows of the Fediverse cry

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5) following or "ampiflying Black people" doesn't really add up to much if how you treats us stays the same

part of dismantling whiteness is dismantling your social norms which are largely grounded in anti-black and white supremacist views of the world

by the same token

my page isn't a charm school for radical furries and mushroom otherkin

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4) I ignore 99.9999% of white folks in my mentions, save for the few mutuals that I have where we engage each other with mutual respect

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3) if you're white, you really shouldn't follow this account out of some warped guilt about how white your social world is (digital or otherwise)

at some point folks gotta acknowledge they were comfortable living in a raging Vermont blizzard until they suddenly weren't

and that has little to do with your interactions with me

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2) my priority is connecting with other Black and brown leftists of different orientations

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1) I am a black anarchist

I do not put the little black flag in my bio cause i find its symbolism mildly derivative and largely irrelevant to Black anarchist aesthetics in my 15 years of experience

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so somehow i got tagged in a list of Black folks to follow on the fedi verse

and i want to make a couple things clear out the gate

Every nonblack person who has been complaining about Eugen and lack of accountability features on the fedi, has been boosting BLM posts, and who has the financial means to do so, needs to donate to @Are0h at his patreon to create a federated social network that *isn't* full of racists:

The minimum donation tier is $2/month, which will also let you see the budget documentation.

As of this toot,
Eugen's Mastodon patreon has 709 patrons and receives $5,991/month,
while Ro's Play Vicious 4 patreon has 68 patrons and receives $556/month.

Ro needs:
$2000/month to work full-time on PV,
$5000/month to be fully independent of external funding or ad revenue, and
$10,000/month to hire staff and create mobile apps.

If you can't afford even the lowest donation tier, you can still boost and share, especially with your employed techie friends.

Employed techies: We all know you can afford the highest donation tier of $50/month or better. DONATE.

I have not really logged on to here in almost a week because SM is a cesspool of anti-racist performativity

but at least on other platforms the performance is actually somewhat entertaining.......

Hey if anyone want to support a black-run instance that is some of the best additions to the community, you'd put a bit of money here
#MutualAid #BlackLivesMatter #MastoMonday #DeathtoAmerica #crowdfund

white leftists who tell everyone to read theory, read critical race theory challenge


I compiled a list of alternatives to calling the police, specific to the Albany, NY area. To my white upstate NY followers: PLEASE reconsider before you call the cops on someone.


An image for the history books. Probably the most powerful one Iโ€™ve seen so far. Sharing it, because the people in frame do not appear to be identifiable.

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