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I compiled a google drive of anti-racism/whiteness readings for my writing course students

cause the best way to teach people to read and think critically is to confront their own shit

A lot of it is from the book We Have Not Been Moved: Resisting Racism and Militarism in 21st Century America by PM Press

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Charles Preston, a journalist in Chicago, curated a google drive of PDF books in honor of Black History Month

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Someone asked for good things to read that aren't opaquely neoliberal trash on race

a thread of free resources:

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hello new people

i am a phd student in religion who is trying to remember to log into here more often

catch me if you can

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daydreaming dervish

the@logian in combat boots.

traversing the lines between the undercommons and the surface.

reading, learning, writing, thinking, and building.

exploring, exploding, and accreting

that's what i'm doing here.

i'm zaynab

come navigate the stream with me

Red Rosa is one of my favorite graphic novels ever. So to learn about how it came into fruition is lovely all on its own

"Red Rosa: The Life and Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg" Revolutionary Left Radio interviewing Kate Evans


โ€œ50 years ago, we started a program that has now fed millions of Americans, all because we put social theory into practice.โ€

The Black Panther Party's Free Breakfast Program: A 50-Year-Old Blueprint

White men say the wildest most factless shit with just THE most absurd amount of authority ๐Ÿ™„.

The nation's main Indigenous movement, CONAIE, released the officers on Thursday evening after the funeral of one of its leaders, who was killed during anti-government protests that already total 9 days.

white ppl holding HK up to justify colonialism all sound like the ones who parrot โ€œthe happy slaveโ€ narrative. I really need to start carrying a squirt bottle on me.

meta, discourse, fauxtivism 

**Catalan separatist leaders to get up to 15 years in jail: judicial source**

"Spain's Supreme Court plans to sentence Catalan separatist leaders to a maximum of 15 years in prison over a 2017 bid for independence, a judicial source said on Saturday. "

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reading, listening, and shutting up are 100% free

but y'all white people stay making frivolous life choices and expecting PoCs to pay the price as you "unpack your white fragility" and other nonsense

i managed to learn about transphobia, ableism, casteism

a whole host of things without going to the people who experience that oppression and burdening them with my palpable ignorance

I can't even call experiencing it a microaggression

because i'm a firm believer that if you are basic af when it comes to understanding white supremacy

you really don't have to make that known to me, a Black person

except instead of saying "all you need is love"

you say "all you need is a seed bomb, a solar panel, a solar toilet, whatever....."

when asked what are your tangible solutions to dismantling white supremacy

come to think of it

too many of the white people of "radical" mastodon remind me of my decidedly mediocre white students.......

imagine paying tens of thousands of dollars to get a degree only to quote or paraphrase the musical mediocrity of John Lennon in a class on understanding systemic oppression


it is teeewww early to be responding to student emails on why "love is all your need" or "center the most marginalized" sans any tangible praxis are not solutions to racial justice (or systems of oppression), and therefore do not rise to the occasion of graduate level thought

"living a pacified and neutralized life in the present disaster, a life that is lived only as a sum of its digitized predicates and the operations of power enacted upon them, will mean committing to dying along with the planet"

shouts out to @bienmaspreciado who has done it aGAIN!

" Legacies of capitalist accumulation, colonial expansion, and sovereign domination all steer, filter, and technically rearticulate sexualized and racialized inheritances and hierarchies in arrays of cybernetic apparatuses that recursively command the intensive present. "

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