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Sat down with @nobonzo, @reclaimingtrans and @thatweirdolee for @igd_news to discuss the connection between ecofascists, terfs and the far right, as well as the recent tour by Posie Parker through the United States and the anonymous heroes with pies along the way


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#OtD 1 Dec 1955 Rosa Parks, a Black civil rights activist, refused her bus driver's order that she give up her seat to a white passenger, triggering a widespread bus boycott and boosting the civil rights movement libcom.org/history/youve-struc

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The real problem with racism on the fedi is not nazis. The problem is that well-meaning white people are complacent in white supremacy and are clueless to the abuse that's going on.

You cannot protect users you clearly don't give a fuck about.
You don't give a fuck about racialised users

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When you hear media blaming the striking rail workers for being the ones that threatened the economy, that's not a neutral reporting. The railroad companies were willing to threaten the economy because they wanted to be able to fire people for calling in sick or going to the doctor. Painting the strikers as the irresponsible ones is propaganda.

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It’s the first of the month and it hurts a little.

If you like my blog or my toots, a little donation would be so appreciated. Even a few coins can make a huge differents!

A few ways to throw a coin to your blogger/tooter:

Buy me a tea with Kofi: ko-fi.com/gersande

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#KoFi #Liberapay #CrowdFund #TipJar #ThrowACoinToYourBlogger

putting the finishing touches on my nibbling's hannukah gift as the books i ordered trickle in

i try to balance my nibbling's hannukah presents between books on jewish of color myth, folklore, stories, etc with kippot of a specific theme based on things he likes

last year's kippot were all outer space themed

this year?


dinosaur hannukuah wrapping paper, kippot, and a corny hannukah holiday t-shirt i found at target

all dinosaurs, everything!

pretty sure my bread-loving cat knocked down the open box of cheerios on top of the fridge because she wanted some

she tries to stick her face in my cereal bowl every morning without fail

now we gotta talk about how cheerios are not for cats! (and her dried hydrogenated chicken ass has grains in it, even if they don’t smell good 🤣🤣)

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The racist museum of abuse thread. Read if white 🙃 

I have not gotten this much racist abuse since joining the fediverse. I have gotten isolated cases of harassment on twitter but nothing of this scale or as pervasive. The fediverse is racist and white people do nothing about it. Let's start with some slurs to hook you up.

Let's see if any of you white people can stomach this thread 🙂​

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My objection to "progressive" does not come from a right-wing place, obviously, and I can ally and be friends with progressives since our goals frequently align. I just fundamentally disagree with the idea that human history progresses out of oppression and destruction. This is empirically false, and even normatively questionable given the fundamentally racist and Eurocentric conception of "progress" which has been used to justify genocide, the carceral state, ableist violence and more.

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I mean, yeah, it's cool seeing PV in Fast Company and seeing @CaribenxMarciaX@scholar.social get some shine because PV wouldn't have been what it was without her, but I do kind of wish people would talk to me, the founder and creator of Play Vicious, when referencing its history.

Ha, I feel like I was probably a part of that story.


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For #InternationalDayOfPersonsWithDisabilities, here are Sins Invalid's 10 Principles of #DisabilityJustice in a meme.

Image description: A numbered list in black text, with a blue title in a pink box, and pink text with a blue URL on the side, on a light pink background with blue tendrils across it. The title says, "10 Principles of Disability Justice". The numbered list says:

"1) Intersectionality. “We do not live single issue lives” –Audre Lorde. Ableism, coupled with white supremacy, supported by capitalism, underscored by heteropatriarchy, has rendered the vast majority of the world “invalid.”
2) Leadership of Those Most Impacted. “We are led by those who most know these systems.” –Aurora Levins Morales
3) Anti-Capitalist Politic. In an economy that sees land and humans as components of profit, we are anti-capitalist by the nature of having non-conforming body/minds.
4) Commitment to Cross-Movement Organizing. Shifting how social justice movements understand disability and contextualize ableism, disability justice lends itself to politics of alliance.
5) Recognizing Wholeness. People have inherent worth outside of commodity relations and capitalist notions of productivity. Each person is full of history and life experience.
6) Sustainability. We pace ourselves, individually and collectively, to be sustained long term. Our embodied experiences guide us toward ongoing justice and liberation.
7) Commitment to Cross-Disability Solidarity. We honor the insights and participation of all of our community members, knowing that isolation undermines collective liberation.
8) Interdependence. We meet each others’ needs as we build toward liberation, knowing that state solutions inevitably extend into further control over lives.
9) Collective Access. As brown, black and queer-bodied disabled people we bring flexibility and creative nuance that go beyond able-bodied/minded normativity, to be in community with each other.
10) Collective Liberation. No body or mind can be left behind – only moving together can we accomplish the revolution we require.".

The text on the side says, "Sins Invalid 2015. www.sinsinvalud.org".

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Also going to shout into the #madstudies and perhaps even #transmadness voids to see if that is anything. would love to curate a space focused on trans(/)Madnesses on here!

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Hello 👋 I'm exploring to see if I might fit in around here.

I'm a survivor artist, activist & academic. I write about my experiences of trauma, madness & survival, share mad art & critique psychiatry rather a lot.

Hoping to connect with folks who care about:

* Survivor-led, peer communities
* #MadStudies
* #AntiOppressive care
* #CriticalPsychiatry, #carceral systems, #abolition
* Growing alternative, liberatory approaches to #healing & justice

#introduction #artist #activist #trauma

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Some recent events in a disability support group has me reeling and in tears. Grief people feel over this is valid and important.

White supremacy can rear up in very nasty ways.

Here is a good printable sheet on the pillars of white supremacy. It includes characteristics and antidotes to combat it: drive.google.com/file/d/1XR_7M

Helpful read I believe. Feel free to discuss it with me in this thread. Thanks for reading.

#Disabled #DisabilityJustice #UnlearningWhiteSupremacy #Antiracism

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Fedi was built by queer/leftie/trans/otherwise marginalized people and that still represents a big chunk of the people who are here

So when a bunch of straight cis people show up

People who can't even imagine what online harassment looks like

And they're making lists of who we are without opt-in consent

Even if it's "for benign reasons"

That level of clumsiness is a fucking threat

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"Why are so many more kids trans now?" 

@SleepyCatten Some people are "worried" because it looks like more and more kids are becoming trans and/or non-binary nowadays. But the simple answer is: it used to be much more repressed. The same thing happened when schools stopped forcing kids to write with their right hand. "Suddenly" more and more kids were lefthanded. But eventually it hit a plateau at 9-10%. It's not that there weren't any lefthanded kids before - they were forced into invisibility.

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Britain joins the club of nations that imprison environmental defenders for actions that involve neither violence nor the threat of violence theguardian.com/environment/20

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Really excellent article about the mixed experiences for marginalized groups on Mastodon. Read this. I've seen way too many posts implying that Mastodon is the solution to all our toxicity problems. And things aren't going to get better if we think that. fastcompany.com/90817452/can-m

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