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instead of talking down to me like i’m stupid (anti-blackness 101 y’all)

go create a “white people doing decolonization work” instance

where you all are doing the work of sharing resources with each other on whatever server of your fancy

instead of thinking i’m going to do extra labor on the off-chance you’ll one day decide not to be an anti-black amoeba

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dear white people of mastodon

please stop coming into my mentions and talking down to me about cyber security and how terrible google is. i knew about cyber security long before you could admit you’re racist.

you will get blocked

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ICE wishing people a happy Pride is a hate crime

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Support Red Canary Song instead of whatever huge organization like "stop aapi hate"

actually support sex workers grassroots movements against policing, criminalization of sex work and migration, and for sex worker and worker liberation

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like i'm tickled pink that i haven't logged on in the better part of 5 months and shit is still the same

aka a mess

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when it comes to discourse the fediverse really is like that one yearbook comment everyone writes when they don't know what else to write

"never change"

never mind that stunted introspection skills and interpersonal evolution aren't good things......

so.....what did i miss?

*looks at PoC mutuals*

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I have been gassing up @CaribenxMarciaX's poem "the body" on every platform and i gotta do the same here

watch and be amazed!

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For #IWD, Lambda Films released a short of a poem I wrote titled "The Body"
& what we can consider colonial gender collide here in this work during the rise of #MeToo, but notice who gets publicity in these discussions and who does not

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what was the Black Liberation Army? 

The #BLA was a clandestine (underground) organization, formed in response to the repressive environment within the more famous Black Panther Party. The BLA sought to advance Black liberation by engaging the united states in guerrilla warfare within its borders.

Here are two videos featuring BLA veterans:

Long interview
Short news segment

There's also a lot of BLA material at:

*reads a retoot*

wait, there was a BLM moment?

on here?!

i was not logged in for what I can only imagine to be a sophomoric performance.....

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White people on the fedi know what they're doing just like they do on every other social media platform.

The fedi is toxic to Black/Brown folks because they want it to be.

The math isn't complicated.

The fedi hates Black/Brown folks just like anywhere else, there's just less consequence for it here.

That brief moment of Black Lives Matter was cute but all someone had to do was blame PV for some bullshit we weren't involved in and it resumed it's racist posture.

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I take long breaks from the fediverse and every time I come back, people are trying to start drama with this instance.

How are people not tired of this? Like go do something else with your lives and leave Black and Brown people alone. Pls. We're just over here existing. Go away.

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people who think whiteness is a just a benign ethnic categorization are like those folks who insist that the confederate battle flag is about "heritage not hate"

hand to God

if it weren't for the ability to meet BIPOC of radical tendencies on here I would simply delete and never come back

if anything, i remain mildly shocked that in the midsts of revolution and attempts to scratch at a "new normal", most of you don't know how to act right

that, is.......... a truly embarrassing facet of the end of the world if i ever saw it

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I don't care to engage with most white folks on here

I'm not going to debate you just because you hop into my mentions wanting some validation for your horse shit

i am a whole nigga who will simply block you and talk shit about you on my TL like "this fool........*insert wicked cackle here*"

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i know the majority of masto discourse is white people randomly looking for BIPOC to "debate"

but lemme tell you what I told my students the first week of class

"You can try all things through Christ, except me......."

white people not tagging random BIPOC in nonsensical threads about "racial progress" challenge


some random in my mentions: let me explain to you how "minority inclusion" in 4H works

me: sir.....this is a wendy's. also....what?!

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