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daydreaming dervish

the@logian in combat boots.

traversing the lines between the undercommons and the surface.

reading, learning, writing, thinking, and building.

exploring, exploding, and accreting

that's what i'm doing here.

i'm zaynab

come navigate the stream with me

Friday feelings with #FollowFriday 🍸 🍻

📔 @Carnet Carnet: Free open alternative to Google Keep

🏭 @olimex Olimex: Makers of open electronics

🛡️ @protonvpn ProtonVPN: Hides your metadata from your ISP

👾 @itchio Cool DRM-free indie games

🐉 @rpginabox RPG in a Box: Create your own voxel-style RPGs

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Coal miners in Harlan County started to block the train carrying its coal.
Reason for doing so is that the company holds back their money, for being bankrupt, meanwhile it's CEO Jeff Hoops building a $30 million resort.

Anarchists and eco-radicals, most of them trans*, joined to support them and to build long term relations.

here an interview:

Okay so I reinstalled (and paid for) Toot!

This interface is soooo much smoother! Worth the $4!

"Dub: Finding Ceremony", by Alexis Pauline Gumbs 

"Dub: Finding Ceremony", by Alexis Pauline Gumbs 

ever since they got rid of tootdon i've had such a hard time remembering to check my mastodon account

are there any worthwhile alternatives out there for iphone?

It's Amazon Strike Day today! Please don't buy anything off of Amazon in solidarity with the worker protesting terrible working conditions.

Amazon also owns a lot of services so try to avoid using them as well: Twitch, IMdB, Whole Foods, and Audible.

This strike can be very effective, so please don't scab!

Protests and strikes taking place today against online retail giant #Amazon on #AmazonPrimeDay. Workers calling for better conditions and wages and people also demanding that Amazon divest from ICE. Several large banks like Bank of America and SunTrust have already done so.

I was advised that this lunar eclipse is a really bad time for rituals, charging crystals and even lighting candles. So for the next 3 days please take care.

Btw you can still pray and speak to your guides and ancestors but be mindful of the above. Of course trust your intuition for this. I’m just passing the information along. 💛 #spirituality #lunareclipse #fullmoon

:blobpeekraccoon:​ what is this? a zine! (well the intro to a book of the same name

Be Gay Do Crime: An Introduction by Mary Nardini Gang
Be Gay Do Crime

notice to cis people: when you introduce your small child to a trans person, you don't need to explain transness to them. it's better if you don't treat the trans person like something weird that needs explanation. just call us by our correct names and pronouns and don't make a big deal out of it. even and *especially* if we don't pass.

just because white people couldn't do it doesn't mean it was aliens

She crossed a bridge that had parted in the sky, sat on a panel about disability and non-monogamy, and met some fierce qtpoc non-monogamous baddies

(Image: a photo of a person in a cherry print dress, tan boots, black leggings, and turtle shell cat eye glasses. They have shoulder length locks, dark red lipstick on, and is holding a leopard print cane)

ROAR: **Remembering as resistance: decolonizing Bolivian history**

"Bolivian Indigenous movements use oral history and memory to challenge the elites’ version of history and build their own narratives of the Andean past."

#anarchism #bot


Hey y’all, if u vet followers watch out for fake leftist accts. They’re usually created by MAGAssholes in Nazi Fedi to follow n target Black, Brown, LGBT folks. Watch out for fishy boost to post ratios, very little acct activity etc. Similar things u look for in bots.

In this month's episode of Trouble we go deep inside the horrors of the Prison Industrial Complex and hear from some bad-assed comrades about how they survive and fight back.

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