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instead of talking down to me like iโ€™m stupid (anti-blackness 101 yโ€™all)

go create a โ€œwhite people doing decolonization workโ€ instance

where you all are doing the work of sharing resources with each other on whatever server of your fancy

instead of thinking iโ€™m going to do extra labor on the off-chance youโ€™ll one day decide not to be an anti-black amoeba

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dear white people of mastodon

please stop coming into my mentions and talking down to me about cyber security and how terrible google is. i knew about cyber security long before you could admit youโ€™re racist.

you will get blocked

*reads a retoot*

wait, there was a BLM moment?

on here?!

i was not logged in for what I can only imagine to be a sophomoric performance.....

White people on the fedi know what they're doing just like they do on every other social media platform.

The fedi is toxic to Black/Brown folks because they want it to be.

The math isn't complicated.

The fedi hates Black/Brown folks just like anywhere else, there's just less consequence for it here.

That brief moment of Black Lives Matter was cute but all someone had to do was blame PV for some bullshit we weren't involved in and it resumed it's racist posture.

I take long breaks from the fediverse and every time I come back, people are trying to start drama with this instance.

How are people not tired of this? Like go do something else with your lives and leave Black and Brown people alone. Pls. We're just over here existing. Go away.

people who think whiteness is a just a benign ethnic categorization are like those folks who insist that the confederate battle flag is about "heritage not hate"

hand to God

if it weren't for the ability to meet BIPOC of radical tendencies on here I would simply delete and never come back

if anything, i remain mildly shocked that in the midsts of revolution and attempts to scratch at a "new normal", most of you don't know how to act right

that, is.......... a truly embarrassing facet of the end of the world if i ever saw it

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I don't care to engage with most white folks on here

I'm not going to debate you just because you hop into my mentions wanting some validation for your horse shit

i am a whole nigga who will simply block you and talk shit about you on my TL like "this fool........*insert wicked cackle here*"

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i know the majority of masto discourse is white people randomly looking for BIPOC to "debate"

but lemme tell you what I told my students the first week of class

"You can try all things through Christ, except me......."

white people not tagging random BIPOC in nonsensical threads about "racial progress" challenge


some random in my mentions: let me explain to you how "minority inclusion" in 4H works

me: sir.....this is a wendy's. also....what?!

What is an Anti-Racism Reading List For?

"I suppose the anti-racism reading list is exactly for that person, the person who asks for it. And yet the person who has to ask can hardly be trusted in a self-directed course of study, not if their yearning for gentle education also happens to coincide with their earliest exposure to books written by people who are not white"

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"women and enbies" is code for "despite my pandering, i still lack the critical thought necessary to discern one's existence outside of my own preconceived notions of the gender binary"

Blackness isn't baby hairs and big lips. Blackness isn't victimization.

SOOOOO when we have race fakers who appear and talk about their "black asses" and their "afro puffs" (that aren't afro) and the woe is me of oppression louder than everybody else.

Yall raise red flags. Because you're enacting a caricature of what you understand to be blackness as someone who is very much on the outside.

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honestly what every white queer should do on 9/11 is read jasbir puar's work on how us nationalism leveraged white gay fears of "homophobic muslim nations" to make racist policies against immigration more palatable among white liberal queers (among other things)

""In settler-colonial societies, land appears as an immense accumulation of property titles. To traditionalist Indigenous Peoples, in contrast, land is not a thing in itself but a social relationship between all living & non-living beings."

"Marxism, the dominant form that the critique of capitalism has assumed in Western thought, incorporated theoretical & ideological weaknesses that stemmed from the same social forces that provided the bases of capitalist formation."

โ€” Cedric J. Robinson, Black Marxism (1983)

We need your calls today in support of our comrades at the Attica Correctional Facility. Email us a reportback

you don't have to "be better" to us in a way that implies fictive kinship that for me personally is non-existent

you need to divest from white supremacy as an ideology that simultaneously harms you at the same time it perpetually harms qtpoc folks

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it reeks too heavily of the kitchen table analogy that's foundational in black feminism:

namely, the assumption that white feminists are inviting feminists of color to the table and thereby control the means of hospitality. and this invitation is the reason for being anti-racist

as opposed to divesting in an ideology that is constitutive of patriarchy, which in turns requires building power horizontally as opposed to top-down

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