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@CaribenxMarciaX has always encouraged my book & coffee posts across social media platforms (i used to post them on my IG stories before deactivating my account)

thanks to our early morning brainstorming, these posts finally have a name!

z's little library!

with the tags:


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Meet Nalo Solomon!

Nalo is named after Nalo Hopkinson & Rivers Solomon.

I sometimes call her Nalo the Pony because she sounds like a pony.

Nalo loves singing with the birds, squatting under my bed, sleeping in funny places, & napping with me.

(two close up photos of nalo, a calico cat with a bronze name tag, perched on a couch arm. in the first photo she is staring at the camera. in the second photo she is looking away)

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Meet Janelle Monae!

She is one of my musical cats.

She chirps when she's very happy, very hungry, or is not getting enough attention.

She loves bread in all forms & doesn't understand why she can't eat it!

She is the queen of belly rubs, and the reason behind the belly rubs song.

When she's not hunting bread or playing, she loves to sleep on my tummy.

(a photo of a black and white tuxedo cat sitting attentively on a dark green couch arm)

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fat tgnc* community is really hard to find on masto, even with the tag.

masto's fat tgnc communities aren't nearly as active or visible as on other social media sites.

so I plan to start using or to post content & communicate with fellow fat tgnc folks.

if you're not fat & tgnc, don't clutter the tag with thin or cis "ally" shit. you have the run of a fatphobic cissexist world, you can spare a hashtag!

*(tgnc- trans & gender nonconforming)

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Let the record reflect that when it comes to

liberalism, liberals, & neoliberalism
progressive politics
white supremacy
"white fragility" (a scam)
colonialism/neocolonialism/settler colonialism/coloniality
good trouble (hate it)

I'm not here to be helpful, amenable, congenial, placating.

I'm not a magical or good negro

I am and will always be a PROBLEM!

i refuse to look like the autistic personification of a starbucks pumpkin space latte!

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somebody gotta make some stim punk, auti-gender, neurowild sweatshirts that aren't simply pastel colors or autism speaks propaganda?!

you know it's caturday when head- butt-o-clock lasts for two hours (even while i'm napping on the couch)

until Nalo finally simmers the fuck down and takes a nap next to me


Fred Moten and Stefano Harvey did not miss when they said universities are just another neoliberal mechanism of control/governance, one that mirrors the nation-state.

at best they can be looted for their resources on the way out to radically reorganizing social life

(word to the undercommons)

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let ibram kendi's gradual downfall be a reminder that liberation can't be bought and sold

and institutions do not solve problems they create them, no matter how much we claim to "love" and/or rely on

I hope white radicals can stop embarrassing themselves now by
trotting out Kendi's books as proof of anything but blisteringly bad taste

"no wait i bought kendi's work, so i know things now"

right, you understand racism now, based off a few books written by a dude who literally cashed in on police brutality and made zzeerroooo meaningful contributions to black liberation.

he just derailed them for the white guilt dollar.

🎵 you've got the anti-racist world in your hands🎵


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wow, so you mean to tell me the person who took the Anti-Racism Industry to the next level of Grifterdom is a horrible boss, created a toxic work environment, and fired people at random?!

you don't say?!

it's not like black radicals haven't been saying it the entire time Kendi's petit empire took off post-George Flloyd


nobody could have seen this coming

not at all


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"Boston University announced Wednesday it would conduct an “inquiry” into Dr. Ibram X. Kendi’s Center for Antiracist Research after complaints emerged about the center’s culture and financial management.

The assessment comes the week after Kendi, a celebrity author, scholar of race, and antiracism advocate laid off more than half the center’s staff."

realizing i can practice my french comprehension by following montreal anarchists pages on here and IG is truly

*chef's kiss*

I'm still vibrating off the discussion my students and I had about the power of language in my writing theologically class

i put Mary Daly, bell hooks, and Gustavo Guiterrez in a unit and the conversation that sparked was raw with honesty, yet magical in its collective curiosity

i went to whole paycheck to grab a couple of things

i walked around and the shelves were empty empty

i had to fight the urge to ask someone "have y'all been robbed......?"

like the way i could be a full-time writer and perzinester if capitalism just.....crumbled a wee bit faster

and someone set up pirate/free internet in its place

cause this whole working to pay for internet (and the cost of living) is the scam that keeps me from radical literary greatness!

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quietly adding "tales of growing up in a white liberal rich suburb turned me into a black anarchist" to my growing list of "one day" writes

cause the things i experienced in that slap happy outpost of the sunken place really do sound fictional when i say it out loud

until i remember "oh shit, yeah no.....that actually happened.......😬 "

bomb threats mention 

this is only gonna get worse since my state ratified a law that revokes funding from any library that bans books

so this level of horseshit is only poised to get worse as people react to not being able to ban books and have their libraries funded at the same time

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bomb threats mention 

i talked to my mom yesterday and learned that the reason why the library randomly closed on thursday was because of right-wing bomb-threats that prompted a state-wide shut down

i love this timeline soooo much!


neurowild things, food 

pan-seared asparagus with olive oil, aleppo chilli flakes, and black garlic salt is my same veggie atm

with the right crunch, it feels like a green french fry

i just wish the shit wasn't so expensive


i'm trying to adjust to walking in the afternoons

especially on the days i work from home following a late shift

but the air quality is worse, there are too many people out and about, and i get harassed more by men who are *big surprised* that you can be fat, disabled, and exercise regularly

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I really hate that sunrise is 6:30am

6:30am is when morning rush hour traffic begins to peek

living so close to the drive, it's a time when pedestrians are more likely to get hit by cars speeding to work or to get their kids to school

love this for me! 🙃

walked all the way to the library to pick up some books on hold, only to find out they closed unexpectedly for the day

hope the books are okay.........🥺

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