@awmwrites snitches get stitches

But if I see someone get declined at the checkout isle and have the cash I will help them. I’m sad I saw this happen before and didn’t help out when I had the funds that I could have.

@awmwrites 3. Do some shop lifting too. The supermarket can afford it.

@awmwrites "2" gets iffy when it's indie business....
If it's some major corp though, "shoplifting" is always the ideal.
They're already covered, if not by insurance, than by free money created out of thin air, and as it's more like just taking back what gets stolen from public, it's not even really shoplifting.
Granted, as a mafia, they're prone to sending goons to come after you for lifting your public goods back. So there's always that risk in play.

@awmwrites I don’t endorse stealing, but I vicariously enjoy people who enjoy it when done in moderation. genius.com/Janes-addiction-bee

@awmwrites 3. Active block surveillance for them or cause a distraction elsewhere to draw attention away from the resocialization / liberation.

@awmwrites re #2. hopefully people only reclaim surplus value when it's at a major retailer, the kind that hates paying decent wages and fights tooth and nail against unionization.

@awmwrites also bother employees with inane shit when the time comes so they get away w it

@awmwrites If someone who due to extraordinary reason is catching me lifting and offers to pay for me instead of telling security, I'd just tell them "thank you, but this is my way. Plz instead send money to prisoner(s) or refugees."

@awmwrites Unfortunately if thefts are too high it's the employees who get punished so definitely help the person pay if you can.

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