This is the ideal human body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

@sublingual oh no, after watching a weird video with a japanese professor pointing out his conspiracy theory about ancient female carvings all wearing panties, its all i can see now everytime.

@mxsiege What was the conspiracy? The alien monolith that founded civilization was just a crate of panties?

@sublingual it was literally something about aliens, and some goddesses being transgender women

@sublingual like i watched quite a few of his videos, they're mostly in japanese but his main tying together theory is that jesus was immortal, and pretended to be various people through history including Da Vinci and painted the mountains of mars in the background of the Mona Lisa to show that he was indeed jesus. You know, straight forward sort of things.

@mxsiege @sublingual holy shit. this sounds amazing. do you have a link?

@taweret @sublingual here's his channel. i vaguely remember he also has a whole thing about michaelangelo or maybe jesus/da vinci trying to warn people that some high up people eat babies

@mxsiege @sublingual it's gonna wreck my recommendations but i don't even care


@taweret @mxsiege You can turn off your history or delete videos from your history to preserve your recommendations.

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