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Chile tonight—anticapitalist demonstrators display a banner reading "PUNKS FOR ROJAVA" while they take on the army under martial law. #EvasionMasiva

Background on the Chilean uprising—

Solidarity with

Worldwide resistance!


let's have a moment of appreciation for the reddit post where a ancap wanders into a greek anarchist squat and gets his ass beat (1/2)

The joy of watching hoards of police cars being destroyed in The Blues Brothers

I saw someone saying "if you became a leftist before me, you are my elder and I respect you." Fucking yiiiiiiick to that attitude. What you're really saying is you expect people to treat you as an "elder." If you got into leftist circles looking for people to look up to you, lots of luck pal

Like I was a shitty liberal not too long ago. The knowledge of that never leaves my head and it keeps me humble. But never ever take my word on something on some "I've been doing this longer than you" bullshit. Experienced people make mistakes all the time and new blood should be welcome in any movement

President Wotan says that everyone must boost his pictures. And also tell him that he is a pretty cat and a good cat


Periodic reminder: "The Cloud" is just someone else's computer.

Computers are horrible and I wanna throw them in a volcano but there's also awesome and I love them

Q: How many centrists does it take to change a lightbulb?

A: None, changing it would alienate our anti-lightbulb voters.

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