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Fun fact, tons of the folks running the concentration camps have that info publicly listed on their linkedin profiles.
Get to know ice agents in your area and make sure they never know a moment of peace till they stop being ice agents

Why is the fedbot retooting from conservative insances ew


It is not my birthday, do not give me boosts

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Ouch! Leak of 23Gb data: 1 million fingerprints, facial recognition data, user pics, plaintext passwords, etc. from folks inc. Met police.

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The ICE concentration camp guard that drove his truck into a crowd of people (striking 4, sending 2 to the hospital) is Thomas Woodworth Pawcatuck, Connecticut.

In 2005, Woodworth had an excessive force complaint filed against him by an inmate.

The suit was dismissed for procedural reasons, but the factual allegations don’t appear to have been contested.

This social media is the one I've been the most "popular" on. Ever.

And that's because I'm honest and human and real. I don't compromise on myself or what I care about.

And this site has an amazing way of letting you be open and honest and real.

And it's the one in which that popularity means the least.

I love it.v

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