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in this news ur compassion for sexworkers who r gonna lose their source of income, their customer base, their stability etc, has to come first b4 dunkin on capitalist businessguys for doing capitalism as they always do


i was camming the other day and i used a new buttplug that was way too big..........i'm still sore lol

lol i got suspended from the bird site because i said i hoped cops refusing to get the vaccine would die. lol

paris hilton posing with the trans flag with the text "trans rights are human rights" in the barbie font 



I'm taking a class to learn how to write code in Processing :3 i'm having so much fun!

@dragon sometimes in my head I sing "dysphoria" like "Activia" from those yogurt commercials

@SuperGideon @kass I got this type of shit from a job supervisor who misgendered me after knowing me as a woman for almost a year and a half. He asked me to correct him in the future and I reply-alled to the entire staff saying "I would rather not. Please make an effort to do better." Honestly super fucking restrained, but you know how cis people can be!

going to school for creative coding and immersive technologies

excited to become a Radical Programmer :^)

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every interaction with a cop, swearing, caps 

last year i got three artists grants (one of them a residency), showed art in a gallery, wrote a novella. despite it all it was, in this way, a good year for me

cops, bpd 

ugh i got harassed by a security guard yesterday while i was sitting outside on a bench reading a book. he kept following me as i was leaving and i began yelling at him to stop following me, to stop staring at me, to leave me alone. i was across the street and yelling at him, begging him to stop staring at me. i asked him if he was just going to keep staring at me and he put his arms together and just silently nodded. what a fucking creep!


Does anyone else feel like they're living through the Holocaust rn

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