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in this news ur compassion for sexworkers who r gonna lose their source of income, their customer base, their stability etc, has to come first b4 dunkin on capitalist businessguys for doing capitalism as they always do


i was camming the other day and i used a new buttplug that was way too big..........i'm still sore lol

lol i got suspended from the bird site because i said i hoped cops refusing to get the vaccine would die. lol

I'm taking a class to learn how to write code in Processing :3 i'm having so much fun!

going to school for creative coding and immersive technologies

excited to become a Radical Programmer :^)

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last year i got three artists grants (one of them a residency), showed art in a gallery, wrote a novella. despite it all it was, in this way, a good year for me

cops, bpd 

ugh i got harassed by a security guard yesterday while i was sitting outside on a bench reading a book. he kept following me as i was leaving and i began yelling at him to stop following me, to stop staring at me, to leave me alone. i was across the street and yelling at him, begging him to stop staring at me. i asked him if he was just going to keep staring at me and he put his arms together and just silently nodded. what a fucking creep!


Does anyone else feel like they're living through the Holocaust rn

My life has been an absolute shitshow since February 2019 but now I am one year into HRT, am making money from art, and am free of severe manic episodes. I'm doing ok

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Pretty cool how we can’t eat indoors at food places right now, but years of anti-homeless urban design mean there’s almost nowhere comfortable to eat outdoors either.

--Matt Ford

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