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Beethoven's 7th smells like rain and scrambled eggs.

the instance name always makes me feel like a call centre employee getting calls like "hey me and this girl im in love with held hands for three hours does she like me, oh also we've kissed every day for the last 3 years and she keeps talking about when we get married but idk maybe it doesn't mean anything?"

and I'm just like "have you tried turning it off and on again?"

@jospanner I'm trans, self-educated, a pedestrian, and I don't consume that much mainstream media. It leaves me really unable to participate in things that draw on a mainstream pop culture. Memes, slogans, all those things? I can't participate.

@jospanner It sure hinders me. I can often spot soft places where pressure will motivate, but it does make getting a critical mass of people hard. And it often means having interests and self-interests that others are unable to respond to easily.

uspol, eviction 

@TheNerdyAnarchist Probably not in enough detail to be useful, but eviction is more state, county and even city-level. There's no consistency nationally.

@Are0h I'm watching this happen all over and it's so sad, but I must say: every interaction I've had with someone on PV has been _great_.

uspol, twitter link, "what is neo-fascism?" 

@garbados Maybe just neofascism doesn't call itself fascist :P But then, it's all wrapped up in the alt-right, too, which is new

-remember, daughter: destroy authority, not the planet.
-yes, mom.

@aurynn @antifuchs I'm super into it.

Flip fighting rules: when we encounter a hurt creature in the forest, we all roll for initiative. Success is a restoration of all HP.

@aurynn @antifuchs Oh that last one is actually really fascinating as a mechanic

@sysadmin1138 Yeah, same. But even so, just like in Real Life, I'm just not into aiming for milestones. I feel like there's a deeper truth I'm dancing around but can't find it yet. I'm just so _experience_ oriented. And relationship-oriented. And none of that is accounted for.

@sysadmin1138 Yeah, that's my constant friction. Even if I've never once cared about or noticed XP. I'm definitely one of those players who comes perilously close to ignoring the DM and doing something so far off the plan that rocks fall everyone dies.

"Oh, there's a dragon? Maybe we should go elsewhere then. Or befriend it. Or ..."

@sysadmin1138 Huh!

I think I'm suddenly interested in this because I wonder what storytelling possibilities are missed by creating this schema. Friends said they want a Miyazaki flavored gentle and exploring campaign, and it dawned on me how ill-suited the classes are for it.

And then it dawned on me that _curiosity_ is not particularly well suited for D&D.

@sysadmin1138 That at least makes sense. I've always wondered how sorcerer / wizard / bard came to be. Sounds a bit like it was problem solving in the game space itself, not particularly philosophical.

It's just wild since I don't really have a lot of reference for this schema, so playing D&D always feels a tidge restrictive.

Huh. I just wondered what the origin of D&D classes are. Are they derived from other fantasy tropes? They seem like a weird way to divide up the world, but I've never seen anything written about the schema itself.

Both my partner and I are immunocompromised. Telling us to just sit in an ER because no doctor wants to take the time to actually diagnose my partner with even a video call is beyond irresponsible. I have seen four queer poz men in my friends’ circles die of exposure now.

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