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@meena Oh no a straight girl empowered to be herself for no boy but on her own terms, with a broad idea of what sex can be and the temerity to do what she wants. Oh no :D

Are there any mastodon clients that let you mute posts with words that appear in the spoiler tags, but not those same words in the body?

What if, and hear me out on this one, what if we forgave any back rent due and abolished landlords?

Covid, DE, US, grumpy 

@owl yup, but in half our states if you're poor, our public insurance is free and decent. People just past the cutoff tho... ouch

Here is a report on some of the dangers of P2P and decentralized technologies, namely that tools that achieve some of the goals of #decentralization, #privacy, and strong #encryption have been used by far-right racists.

It discusses the challenges when they seek the same tools we want to promote freedom and equality, and the various ways those problems have been dealt with, and specifically covers #Mastodon and #Scuttlebutt and how Mastodon has been fairly successful.


NGL part of how I was radicalized was by not being allowed to paint my walls and plant a garden.

@nicolai americans still use checks for municipal services many places.

@varve And notably I don't really see myself in most men, certainly not my family despite them being awesome. A couple nice quaker boys I grew up with I find that resonance in, but otherwise ... nope.

People when I was young expected me to identify with Bill Gates (I was the teen wunderkind computer nerd) and it was so much NOPE that I've had a visceral understanding of what it is to not identify with something ever since.

@varve Yeah, I don't identify as anything at all. It just doesn't make sense to me, it's such a relational quality for the most part. But there's a very telling and large bunch of people I identify with. My gran, older lesbian friends, train hopping park-sleeping friends, queerness, womanhood. That's where I see myself.

Ever consider replacing "I identify as" with "I identify with"?

I highly recommend it.


@mxsiege@octodon.social But at the same time, being trans felt like a choice to me. But that means it was a _choice_, not something I was meaningfully able to be pressured away from. I chose this and goddamn I'm happy with the outcomes.


@mxsiege@octodon.social It's so funny to me to hear this all go the way against solidarity, when if it's a construct, what should we fight for but our collective right to define ourselves? It never made much sense to then fall back on things like 'biological sex' as if that's not a construct too.

@umalkosh @hazel Absolutely. And sometimes that's in complete alignment with you. And sometimes it has a lot of force behind it and isn't about you at all.

trans stuff, I need advice 

@j I went and got an X. And one can update it again TBH if that becomes needed.

On the other hand I don't drive so I've shown my ID to fly and in liquor stores and not much else. And the TSA gets it wrong no matter what one's ID says.

It shouldn’t have come down to one person dying to destroy progressive gains, but progressives were too busy purity-testing each other, refusing to vote, and refusing to accept incremental gains toward their end goals. So yay here we are.

@aza_leah Saaame. I don't think the information architecture fits how I think. Maybe with a good architecture guide I could.

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