@Clumsey_Wordsmith Oh heh. Body chemistry: one of our biggest ways to change body pH is breathing. CO2 out, pH goes up. Wanna be more basic? Hyperventilate.

pH, offensive language 

@SaboTabby right!? It is so unique in the genre. Deescalation!? Wow.

@SaboTabby Yeah it's kinda epidemic.

There's like 2 good ones. :/ Flashpoint and Brooklyn 99.

@substack The categories we use to group other people to describe and connect for purposes of relationships-and-sex-and-reproduction which are of course distinct things but also super related :D

Destroy the myth of the noble, selfless foss maintainer and remind everyone that a sufficiently established maintainer is likely just trying to keep their head above water ethically

For those of you who are curious, here's my part of the story of how #npm5 happened and the toll it took on me to pull off my part in it: dev.to/zkat/comment/f09n

It was a really tough time in my career, but I'm glad it ended up being useful to people

gender nihilism 

gender nihilism 

gender nihilism 

gender nihilism 

gender nihilism 

@Alonealastalovedalongthe Yup. We have to change the whole suburban density mindset first. Clustering. Then land trusts.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe It's interesting to watch what happens after industry tears through land. Colorado, my home, was ravaged by the mining boom. The "old" forests are still super young, the regrowth after stripping for timber for mines.

Now that our industrial use patterns have changed, we have the opportunity to pull the suburbs back, build a new natural environment. Though it will still be built, and it'll be a slow incremental process since just razing the burbs isn't gonna happen.

The concept of stewardship of land does not exist—sure, there's nonprofits with specific goals, some of which are aligned, but the idea that one can be a steward outside of that isn't here. There's no collective attitude toward land here outside of the people managing it, sometimes for profit.

The long and short of it is that I miss the West, and the attitudes toward land and development in the West are something I think people in the East and Midwest just don't understand and I wish they would. The attitude to land is so utterly different here on the East coast.

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