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Don't give up on self care just because something didn't work for you. Keep trying new ways of being kind to yourself!

@anna Ain't no networking like queer networking.

We don't have families that share that trait with us usually. We're not born to queer parents with queer granparents, it doesn't work like race.

So we literally cannot find our people without networking. So we do.

Any new communication technology first gets adopted by queer folks.

Fun fact: global warming refers to the shifting up of the Fahrenheit scale. The F scale is determined by figuring out how humans feel about temperature, and more people who like the warmth are born than people who like the cold.

i t s
m y
b i r t h d a y
c a n
g e t
s o m e
b o o s t s

"There are many things science can't explain."
"Like what?"
"Like, why are people so fond of saying there are things science can't explain?"
"Cute. There are many more interesting things science can't explain. Yet."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

In the most cyberpunk fashion, one can just go _be_ a cyborg now. But because everything is caught up in a techno-utopian capitalist hellscape, you have to know a person or be able to work the system.

Or, in otherwords, we live in the grimdark meathook future we were warning us about.

@hirojin It's a tough problem-domain. Durability, quick application, releasability, breathability. Materials science is amazing but it's not (yet) magic.

@andi Hah. I've been thinking that'd be nice. The default UI for the dashboard is _so ugly_.

@hirojin Hehe. I'm usually totally here for the creepy factor of fictional cyborg tech. But, yeah, this is really non-invasive. Couldn't even feel the sensor wire being inserted (though I think I feel a vague ache where it is now)

My husband's allergic to the adhesive, so it's not perfect (what? machine-body interfaces have downsides?! :shook:)

But having a body that has NFC is such a weirdly cool concept. (I wish my phone didn't tend to break the sensors. I have to use a reader device.)

By which I mean, I've got a sensor embedded in my skin for a week, and I've got actual data coming to tell me how what I eat and how I move affects blood sugar.

@Thuslyandfurthermore Ads are the devil. :/ I hacked at firefox android until I got uBlock working just for this reason. It's so gross what ads do.

@quephird Oh hey, those look really great. You ever see anything like that in plus sizes?

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