@thomasfuchs We had a PC Jr with an addon hard drive controller card. Had to wedge a few envelopes under it to make it connect right, after it heated up for a moment.

@thomasfuchs Oh man the pc jr keyboard takes me back. The model M is such a tank too. No idea about the switches though but people sure love their Ms.

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Progressive: Since I can't find a mask to wear, people keep telling me to just wear a bandanna, but I don't even have one of those. Why do you all have bandannas?

Me: If you just think about this one for a few seconds I'm sure it'll come to you.


My husband and his sister are designing a hovercraft shaped like a giant penis — "you ride on the balls!" so yeah social isolation is going great.

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Corona, mental health 

Wow, I am surprised at this! So many people I know face to face rarely do!

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@communeva yeah. Even my work is skeptical of big tasks so i only do at home.

@communeva I'm working on a novel. Before that, a full html5 parser. I wonder how often people work on something big. By choice.


How often do you engage in tasks that will take more than a week of effort?

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@jellal Yeah. Though I've watched it happen a bunch and there's a lot of nuance people seem to miss. Most often, there's some overreaction — accepting the "canceling" so to speak.

@jellal But what is really telling is what happens after someone is "canceled".

... usually little. It's amazing how powerless it is, if people stick around and ignore it.

@jellal I think those are deeply linked. It's

a) modeled in others behavior
b) defended against preemptively, so people avoid showing a difference of opinion
c) it feels like taking sides, so people preemptively choose the "right" one, and work to cancel the others.

It's a fear-based behavior the whole way down. Captivating our very human fear of social alienation.

@jellal Yeah.

I worry about this fear — it's pervasive lately, and i think super destructive because it makes people choose self-preserving rather than community acts

@jellal yes but selecting for quality interaction cuts diverse

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