Where I'm from the land is fragile.

The white patches on this are not snow. They're alkali deposits, and they come to the surface if there's rain after disturbing it too much. Too much grazing, a little too much digging, a little too much heat and the plants die off? You're left with permanently inhospitable soil. It'll take years to recover, if it ever does.

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I'ma just say that if it doesn't fit on this meme template it's probably not allyship, it's just performance.

This rings so very true to me, and it's strikingly useful in my ongoing attempts to explain how boundaries aren't rules. It's actually about emotional independence, healthy separation so we can know and love both ourselved and others.

I was surprised to see this statement posted inside the glass of the development project that replaced it

Up early, on a train. I don't usually commute so this is kinda novel. Train's not too packed, it's amazing how narrow the peak of rush hour really is.

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