This rings so very true to me, and it's strikingly useful in my ongoing attempts to explain how boundaries aren't rules. It's actually about emotional independence, healthy separation so we can know and love both ourselved and others.

I was surprised to see this statement posted inside the glass of the development project that replaced it

Up early, on a train. I don't usually commute so this is kinda novel. Train's not too packed, it's amazing how narrow the peak of rush hour really is.

boundaries as a start of mental health 

Proper time!

I'm Aria. They/she, and trans.

I'm a big fat cyberpunk, a wannabe fashion designer sometimes, an anarchist ever since a cop asked a group I was in "excuse me, are you anarchists?", an unschooler, a computer programmer, a public speaker, and a damn good cook.

Also I have awesome hair.

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