Ever consider replacing "I identify as" with "I identify with"?

I highly recommend it.

@aredridel depends on context and what I'm trying to say. I identify as agender, but I often identify with women because I know what I look like and how other people treat me. I do not identify as a woman at all.

@varve Yeah, I don't identify as anything at all. It just doesn't make sense to me, it's such a relational quality for the most part. But there's a very telling and large bunch of people I identify with. My gran, older lesbian friends, train hopping park-sleeping friends, queerness, womanhood. That's where I see myself.

@varve And notably I don't really see myself in most men, certainly not my family despite them being awesome. A couple nice quaker boys I grew up with I find that resonance in, but otherwise ... nope.

People when I was young expected me to identify with Bill Gates (I was the teen wunderkind computer nerd) and it was so much NOPE that I've had a visceral understanding of what it is to not identify with something ever since.

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