@aredridel pitch time!

Fun one: everyone is bards on tour!

Scientific one: academic mages!

Silly one: teenage warriors trying to start fights but everyone around them is really nice

@antifuchs @aredridel

- You all just play kittens
- You're a travelling band of philosophers and all your weapons are replaced with rhetorical flourishes
- Trying to do any violent act requires a (really high) charisma check and constitution to talk yourself into doing something so against your nature that it's abhorrent

@aurynn @antifuchs Oh that last one is actually really fascinating as a mechanic

@aredridel @antifuchs and comes with like, a debuff if you succeed? like you can if you need to but it's such a last resort option that doing it should be A Really Big Deal (that you'll probably fail at)

@aredridel @antifuchs or even a debuff for trying in the first place, 'cos you're going against who you are

idk spitballing the mechanical side of it here

@aurynn @antifuchs I'm super into it.

Flip fighting rules: when we encounter a hurt creature in the forest, we all roll for initiative. Success is a restoration of all HP.

@aurynn @aredridel holy shit I love the philosophers one. Kinda like insult swordfighting but… good!? And you would get to make fun of lesswrong.

@aredridel party of clerics running a hospital. TV medical drama, but more sword wounds and basilisk victims.

@aredridel right. i need to get back to writing that hearthkeeper class.

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