I keep getting ambitious when i spend time alone. Now i want to learn 3d modeling enough to make set for a scifi video.


It’s totally in the realm of possibility for a single person to produce a short scifi film with effects that were top of the line for tv a decade ago

Blender in particular is fully capable. And not just ship shots, interiors, video editing, color grading

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@aredridel Yeah! I rather enjoyed using Blender for my undergrad graduation project, even with Maya available at school.

@jaycie Also heck, I remember when blender's UI was so baffling that 'enjoy using blender' was not three words that had ever been put in that order before

@aredridel Confession: This would have still been way back then, IIRC. 😹

@aredridel (vim/NeoVim these days but I remember using it on a Mac Centris 650 under OpenBSD as a precocious youth.)

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