I'm arguing with people on the Twitter and all this animosity makes me feel so fundamentally disconnected. Or, put more strongly: I'm afraid that my opinions are going to piss my mutuals off and I will be cancelled.

I'm afraid that any connection I make isn't a real connection at all, because it's always with the caveat of that I need to be a Good Person (as defined by the authoritarian communist hivemind).

For all this talk about community, I feel more supported by my friends whom I know from my Christian life. Hell, I swear I could kill a man and they wouldn't give up on me.

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@jellal Yup. Lotta folks bad at forming community out there, and calling things community that just aren't.

There's traits to select for in social media that help reduce this, but it sucks if you haven't done this :/

@aredridel Yeah so far my mutuals are pretty kind, but there's always the fear that they may turn on me. But I don't want to be too selective with whom I interact on the internet. I like to have different kinds of friends, ya know?

@jellal yes but selecting for quality interaction cuts diverse

@aredridel I guess so. '^^ I guess that's also why almost all my mutuals put up with me, because I subconsciously pick out the right people.

@jellal Yeah.

I worry about this fear — it's pervasive lately, and i think super destructive because it makes people choose self-preserving rather than community acts

@aredridel How do you see it be pervasive? To me, many people seem content participating in cancel culture and jumping on someone as soon as they make a misstep, without thinking too much about whether it could happen to them. But I could be wrong.

@jellal But what is really telling is what happens after someone is "canceled".

... usually little. It's amazing how powerless it is, if people stick around and ignore it.

@aredridel Hmm good points about it being fear-based all the way.

I don't agree with what you said after though. Cancelling of powerful people isn't usually effective, but for people with smaller circles it can be pretty devastating - for example, they lose almost all their friends.


@jellal Yeah. Though I've watched it happen a bunch and there's a lot of nuance people seem to miss. Most often, there's some overreaction — accepting the "canceling" so to speak.

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