NSFW as a concept implies capitalist oppression. Discuss.

But seriously: "NSFW" as a category so remarkably means specifically "no nudity". It means now that 'work' is tied to a very specific morality stance, one that a lot of communities don't actually hold.

The dissonance is really weird. It plays into a really Christian mindset about business, and it underscores how capital and religion are intertwined.

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Additionally, I think this normalizes violence in the workplace: like most places sex is censored more than violence, it does so.

@aredridel I think I could be convinced of your argument... especially when you also consider the whole Dress Code nonsense that so many organizations implicitly or explicitly enforce. It too stems from puritanical and/or patriarchal notions of beauty and gender.

@quephird YES.

Actually, fuck me, that's astute. "Business professional" and "business casual" have the same "wink wink you know what I mean" cultural relativism as NSFW.

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