I just realized one of the defining features of WASP culture is that politeness is more important than boundaries.

@a_breakin_glass @aredridel okay thank you, but also wow now i just need to ask "what is that",

but I won't I'll just admit I have no idea

@chucker @LottieVixen @a_breakin_glass Yeah. It's a fascinating and not quite often enough used cut through 'white'. American culture has this anti-Catholic bias (largely classist); it's racist; it's tied into evangelical christianity yet distinct from it; It's a lot of where 'right' branches from 'alt-right'.

And it's one of the most clear-cut patriarchies, often. And it cuts a more clear path than 'white' sometimes around things like Judaism and around class and later-integrated whiteness.

@chucker @LottieVixen @a_breakin_glass Where I live in Boston, the distinction between WASP and catholic is strong and deeply felt. Entire towns that are one or the other, or huge swaths.

And if you want to see WASP as a larger area, ask yoursellf "what is the culture of Connecticut?" That. That's WASP culture.

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