Capitalism is a scourge.

That's all I got for tonight.

@ASIC Is there another kind?

It's been a scourge since the beginning of the colonial projects.

@ASIC But seriously, don't correct people if you don't know what they mean.

And if you do that's called a 'disagreement' not 'correction'.

@aredridel Why? And what’s your preferred economic system?

@aredridel I had to look up "social democracy", but what do you mean by "devolved"? Do you mean communistic as opposed to capitalistic? Wikipedia defines "social democracy" essentially as SJW-run capitalism.

@ASIC Decisions made locally, and not by those with the most capital

@ASIC it seems to me you're operating under the impression economic system and societal decisionmaking systems aren't the same thing.

@aredridel Unless you're talking about communism or maybe socialism, government and economy are more-or-less divorced from each other and have little to do with each other aside from governmental regulation and perhaps occasional government involvement (i.e. anti-trust breakups).

@ASIC but why? It externalizes risk and damage and undermines the social fabric.

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