"Nevada" has some good parts but my god I hate what it has done to trans culture.

@TrannyOakley So much naivete taken as deep truth. Particularly around how privilege works, and works for trans men.

@aredridel sorry. Can you be more specific? I’m not catching what you mean. Maybe im a bit dense this morning

@TrannyOakley Lots of assumptions that 'male privilege' is this simple switch and once you have it, you have it like some monolith. The entire embedded discourse really washes over the experience of basically every trans guy I know to paint them as a sort of easy mode trans.

@aredridel I see. Thanks for spelling that out.
That’s not my experience of the book’s impact, but now that you mention it I think it has caused some young trans women to think we are still in the political moment it was written, which not that long ago is definitely past.
I think we did go through a period where trans guys had a kind of shitty power in queer girl spaces and trans women were still mostly outside, but that’s mercifully much less so than it was.

@TrannyOakley yeah kinda. And that power was more of a weird currency. It was really hard for a lotta dudes too. It undermined so many.

@aredridel it did.
I don’t think we can blame Nevada for trying to summarize the issues of that historical moment briefly without being an extended exigesis on just that.

@TrannyOakley Yeah. I just think the summary is wrong and misleading.

@aredridel it’s a pretty accurate picture of how things were in queer women’s community where I was living at the time (which wasn’t New York). It’s the analysis that many of my trans guy friends shared at the time too.
I think having so little media for us makes Nevada powerful in causing that moment to echo, but what do I know? I still miss the Baeddels sometimes.

What's it done to trans culture? To me it feels like a barely referenced side note.

@savanni So much listlessness taken as noble or normal. So much lousy analysis of privilege. So much going all in on all feeling bad being dysphoria, or caused by others and not having a clue, a purpose, a goal, relationships.

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