Transhumanists are just elitist furries. Change my mind.

Without socialism, transhumanism is an elite circlejerk. Radicalize furries and capitalism will disintegrate under the heat and pressure of one hundred million warm furry bodies, absolving furries of their sin through redemptive cleansing.

Maybe you're wrong, but that's the kind of characters I have in my novel (under construction). Interested?

@aredridel aren't they like the exact reverse of furries? they want to become cyborgs and like techno beings or smth while furries wanna be animals. not that i know anything about either group but.

@carlygayjepsen more similar than different. And how does one become more animal anyway? Humans already are completely animal

@aredridel Valid valid valid valid

I meaaaan, genuinely? leaning so hard technoprogressive is the exact reason it clicked for me that being shitty to furries and otherkin was irrational and reactionary.

Mulch the rich to ensure cybereyes and robot tiger body access for everyone.

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