There's a strain of anarchism I'm not here for.

White boy nihilists.

There's little more toxic than white nihilism. "I was treated like I don't matter, therefore nothing matters, therefore I can fuck shit up and it's their problem."

Growing up without the expectation of privilege, this does not happen.

"I was treated like I don't matter, therefore I don't matter. I can take my shitty little bit of agency and maybe have some fun. Or maybe if I get lucky, help someone."

It's a far better take

@Ravenwolf who would decide legit anyway? What would that even mean?

I decide that I obose this behaviour, making their opression visable and explaining why that's nothing but an identity they borrow from anarchism and filling it up with [there's a word decribing it, I forgot how it's called. It is often missused as anarchism]

.@aredridel i dont think that nihilism has a color. because nihilism is about no-thingness, and no-thingness has no color. it's like how anarchy can't be patriarchal because patri-archy is incompatible with an-archy

(resists temptation to take a photo of his philosophy degree)

@aredridel (assuming you're not talking about "libertarians") this seems like a bad take on others' praxis? Maybe if we had an example it'd make more sense?

@jackolas I grew up around grungy white suburban anarchist kids all ready to throw their first brick and then go watch their vhs dupe of fight club.

@aredridel Commonly misunderstood is nihilism is about nothing mattering inherently... you can still find subjective meaning in whatever you like.

I like making people laugh at my stupid anime videos I find subjective meaning and purpose in doing so.

You can find fulfillment and happiness in nihilism or you can be a little bitch about it.


“I mean, say what you want about the tenets of National Socialism, Dude, at least it's an ethos.”

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