It shouldn’t have come down to one person dying to destroy progressive gains, but progressives were too busy purity-testing each other, refusing to vote, and refusing to accept incremental gains toward their end goals. So yay here we are.

Beethoven's 7th smells like rain and scrambled eggs.

the instance name always makes me feel like a call centre employee getting calls like "hey me and this girl im in love with held hands for three hours does she like me, oh also we've kissed every day for the last 3 years and she keeps talking about when we get married but idk maybe it doesn't mean anything?"

and I'm just like "have you tried turning it off and on again?"

-remember, daughter: destroy authority, not the planet.
-yes, mom.

Huh. I just wondered what the origin of D&D classes are. Are they derived from other fantasy tropes? They seem like a weird way to divide up the world, but I've never seen anything written about the schema itself.

Both my partner and I are immunocompromised. Telling us to just sit in an ER because no doctor wants to take the time to actually diagnose my partner with even a video call is beyond irresponsible. I have seen four queer poz men in my friends’ circles die of exposure now.

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Blender in particular is fully capable. And not just ship shots, interiors, video editing, color grading

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It’s totally in the realm of possibility for a single person to produce a short scifi film with effects that were top of the line for tv a decade ago

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I keep getting ambitious when i spend time alone. Now i want to learn 3d modeling enough to make set for a scifi video.

A "pushyocracy" ~ FLOSS highly masculinized and aggressive online talking that shape both material aspects of computing and the social identifies that people create for themselves through engaging with programming as cultures made by and for [white] men."
~ Dawn Nafus, 2012

This seems sadly accurate.

covid, social change 

white christianity is teaching the vulnerable that their greatest asset is to sacrifice themselves for the strong to continue on

indigenous mexica spirituality teach you to face death with a grin and a weapon in hand because you're gonna go down fighting a fucking god to defend the vulnerable from eternal night and famine

we literally are not the same

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Our hollowed out downtowns and declining chain-plagued commercial neighborhoods can be replaced with outpourings of community — it’s *cops* that stop people from gathering on their stoops and rooftops, sharing food, feeling safe

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