I think all of you need this photo of Ertha Kitt cuddling kittens right now.

You can't stop someone from following you either.

Gah. Watch out for keybase. People will sexually harass you there and there's no preemptive block button.

"Kansas is Pichu because Kansas and Pokemon have similar understanding of how evolution works."

"and Arkansas is Pikachu because it's just Pichu with two extra letters" jfc

"Of primary importance among
early customs was the principle of the irreducible minimum , the shared notion that all members of
the same community are entitled to the means of life, irrespective
of the amount of work they perform. To deny anyone food, shelter, and the basic means of life because of their infirmities or even their frivolous behavior would have been seen as a heinous denial of the
very right to live."

Hell, that's true, isn't it?

I just realized that any religion I'm willing to have has to be more about the future than the past.

And not like, an apocalypse coming but the immediate future too. It has to build the paths from here to where we're going.

All I wanted was a romcom with gravitas and all I got were these stupid superhero movies.

If you're reading this, say hi! Start a conversation!

I love to talk to people who share an interest and I'm interested in almost everything.

Every machine is a smoke machine if you operate it wrong enough

Teach values.

Value the people doing the work to keep things working.

Accept "improved" over "perfect".

Always leave things better than you found them.

If there's work to be done, do some of it before complaining.

Maybe don't share so much with people who want someone else to do the work. Save that for the people who can't do the work.

I'm thinking a lot about what it takes to avoid a tragedy of the commons, and I think this is a good portion why some left economic regimes head straight for authoritarianism and totalitarianism.

A society only works if most people do it. How do we build a good society without coercion into doing it?

Live well and kindly, out of spite if you have to.

Nobody asks nobody tells, but consent is negotiated and the haters are ejected.

And we're going to pitch in, over and over, to find emergency housing for (mostly)young queer folks who figure out who their parents really are the hard way.

We're going to let loose a whole oral history lesson now and then and teach each other where we came from (though we know where we came from, but the real question is how we managed to find each other)

And I'm not gonna lie, we're also going to babysit manic friends who have gone off the rails and coax them to get help (but we're not gonna call the cops because we've seen how that can end) and we're going to do shifts and sleep on friends couches when someone's feeling dysphoric and suicidal just to keep them company, and we're going to bring soup and bread to the ones of us who've put themselves aside for so long helping others that they forgot to eat.

We're gonna have to bring our umfriends to Christmas dinner and excuse ourselves from the table because a lover is calling from out of state and is having a bad time with their family, and we're gonna make early exits so we can go to the queer community/family potluck and have another meal

It's gonna be awkward and they are gonna be weird and ask all kinds of questions because they don't get it and ... that's fine? Seriously, it's gonna be fine. We get to do that. Nobody is allowed to stop us.

While we're at it, fuck so much of the separating queers into taxonomy.

I know it's nice and all to have a shiny label that describes us exactly and say "See? Valid" but you know what? We were valid before the label and will be after it goes out of fashion.

But if we're trying to be legible to cishets with nuclear families with a label, we're gonna lose a lot.

I mean, there's reasons for this. Bisexual folks get sort of a raw deal when we integrate with straight or gay folks.

And we get slammed for being slutty, and while a good portion of us are monogamous at best, also what's wrong with being into multiple people? I'd rather raise my freak flag a bit and tell the normies to fuck off than play respectability politics.

And I say this as someone who's not really even all that sexual? But goddamn if sexual attraction isn't fun to play with.

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