Maybe the real NFTs are the planets we destroyed along the way.

Bloody dishwasher broke last night. Come on! I needed a weekend! This is work! (Anyone in Boston have a favorite appliance maintenance person?)

Reminder that single user and small mastodon instances can’t see as much of a conversation as one that gets replies from more participants. Consider that before striking out on your own.

Are there any mastodon clients that let you mute posts with words that appear in the spoiler tags, but not those same words in the body?

What if, and hear me out on this one, what if we forgave any back rent due and abolished landlords?

Here is a report on some of the dangers of P2P and decentralized technologies, namely that tools that achieve some of the goals of #decentralization, #privacy, and strong #encryption have been used by far-right racists.

It discusses the challenges when they seek the same tools we want to promote freedom and equality, and the various ways those problems have been dealt with, and specifically covers #Mastodon and #Scuttlebutt and how Mastodon has been fairly successful.

NGL part of how I was radicalized was by not being allowed to paint my walls and plant a garden.

Ever consider replacing "I identify as" with "I identify with"?

I highly recommend it.

It shouldn’t have come down to one person dying to destroy progressive gains, but progressives were too busy purity-testing each other, refusing to vote, and refusing to accept incremental gains toward their end goals. So yay here we are.

Beethoven's 7th smells like rain and scrambled eggs.

the instance name always makes me feel like a call centre employee getting calls like "hey me and this girl im in love with held hands for three hours does she like me, oh also we've kissed every day for the last 3 years and she keeps talking about when we get married but idk maybe it doesn't mean anything?"

and I'm just like "have you tried turning it off and on again?"

-remember, daughter: destroy authority, not the planet.
-yes, mom.

Huh. I just wondered what the origin of D&D classes are. Are they derived from other fantasy tropes? They seem like a weird way to divide up the world, but I've never seen anything written about the schema itself.

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