Daughter told me on the way to school that ice unicorns live at the south pole. By the time we got there, we'd decided they pull the sleigh for Anti-Santa, who gives gifts to all the naughty kids so they won't feel left out, and sabotages the global Santa surveillance network because kids shouldn't be monitored by a shady guy in a red suit.

Love how signing up to join a Matrix chat requires doing a task for Google. This is not the independent tech I asked for.

a ceo's legal responsibilities to the shareholders include pretending that their ancient shitty business model is still valid

Feature thought:

When replying to someone, what if their profile text was pulled up and placed somewhere near the box you were typing in, to give you a better idea of who the fuck they ARE in this modern nightmare hellscape free of all signifiers of a person beyond "their choice of username and maybe an icon, if you're lucky"?

so where do the people who are playful with gender things hang out these days?

I'm so tired of it being a serious topic.

And of course when I say 'you' I mean 'us'. 'cause they're the same damn thing.

And if you missed 'how to make friends' in kindergarten, which I'm sure a lot of you did because your parents were authoritarian fuckos and twisted all the lessons, come see me and we'll talk.

Basically go make some friends without sticking to your own gender & race, you fools. And question your goddamn motives. Geezus. It's not that hard but you might have to dust off the skills you learned in kindergarten instead of resting on your laurels.

This means justice, solidarity, attempts to understand _and_ space to participate even when not understood.

Don't just make hypothetical people feel welcome.

Make the real people around you part of the crew.

If you say your workplace is disability-friendly, but what that means is "ADA compliant and has a wheelchair ramp", you're trying to serve an other, possibly unwillingly, instead of seeing who among you needs support now, in the specific ways they do, and working to build for them.

If the people you are claiming to support are "honored guests" and "outsiders to be made welcome", you're perpetuating the problem.

When you keep reinforcing the 'us' and 'them' instead of seeing and honoring the variety of 'us' there is, you're perpetuating the problem.

If you say you support LGBT folks but all your events are centered around gay men doing drag,

...you might be a bit ciscentric and misogynist

If you have posters for almost entirely white musicians and artists and businesses, and your only mention of black folks is anti-racism posters...

you might be a little bit racist.

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