reasons to not implement google recaptcha in your webservice:
- youre giving more data to google
- the research on ml will be closed to google
- i'm a robot gdi,

"Release me," the frog said, "and I will grant you a wish."
"Oh!" the boy said, "I wish to understand all animals!"
All the way home he listened to birds, and he excitedly told his father.
"That's nice," his father said, but the boy heard "Whatever, don't disturb me."
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Why is there so little awareness in IT/infosec circles of the environmental impact of flying?

All the time you can read tweets/toots like "Attended conference X, spoke about Y. Tried to save the world from EvilCorp. So exhausted. Now waiting at the airport for my long distance flight to Z".

Shouldn't we have a more holistic view of things? Isn't decentralization one of our main motives? An uninhabitable planet full of Free Software is still... uninhabitable 🤔

Probably one of the biggest unacknowledged impacts of capitalism on our life is the artificial scarcity of time.

Without capitalism, we could all work less. We could rest more. We could let selfcare, play and creation come intuitively. A lot of things don’t need to be scheduled.
We could just let time happen without any obligation to make a particular use of it.

Alright. I must sleep, it's an hour past my bedtime.


I've missed you, friend.

Things to be wary of in the #fediverse, #LeftTwitter. #Joke replies, almost like rickrolls, which are just a picture of this dog. It's an enduring bait and switch #prank that you will come to love.
#Birthdays are always real, however. Make sure you #hashtag everything and airways #respect #women

There's a lot of types of communists. Ancom, leftcom, capcom, romcom, dotcom, sitcom... The list goes on

Building bridges to groups that aren’t far left is like 90% “look anarchists aren’t nearly as scary as you think they are, we’re nice” and 10% “i can’t believe you just said that, you’re so lucky I really want to make this work otherwise I would have started punching people by now.”

New blog post: "Building a modern carousel with CSS scroll snap, smooth scrolling, and pinch-zoom"

In which I extol the virtues of not bothering with third-party carousel libraries, and just building it yourself! The web of 2019 is quite capable. 😊

Question your desires. Question them until you can find your purposes.

"Nevada" has some good parts but my god I hate what it has done to trans culture.

Pholisma sonorae is a rare parasitic plant that grows in the Sonoran, Mojave, Colorado and Yuma deserts, where it lives inside sand dunes.

It lacks chlorophyll and gets nutrients by attaching to the roots of desert shrubs and plants. It gets water through the grayish scale-like leaves which cover its underground stem. Above ground, it looks kinda mushroom-like, and blooms with small violet flowers on bulbous caps.

Interestingly, this oddball is part of the forget-me-not family of plants!

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