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no alt text. balance between herbal and medical treatment

That is: common carriers don't discriminate messages. They are neutral, transparent infrastructures.

But what about when they amplify, publish, host, time-shift?

I'm thinking a bit about the limits of 'common carrier' right now. What makes a communication service a common carrier vs not? What _should_ that limit be?

What do you actually mean when you say something is 'valid'

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This rings so very true to me, and it's strikingly useful in my ongoing attempts to explain how boundaries aren't rules. It's actually about emotional independence, healthy separation so we can know and love both ourselved and others.

Yea I've got BDE:
Don't want to get out of bed

Oh gosh changing the 'expand CW by default' preference to on makes mastodon a lot nicer to read.

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What’s the crappiest thing about 20th century magic?

[] the lack of rigorous citation standards

[] the gender essentialism

[] the cultural appropriation

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it started, as all major political movements seemed to now, in the cat cafés.

once the cats were outfitted with translator collars, they soon realized they could communicate not just with the humans, but with each other, in complex human words heretofore not comprehended by the cats.

words like wages, and capital, and relative surplus value. and solidarity.

and industrial sabotage

Are there any good queer slack communities that aren't so _white_?!

(I'm white but I really don't want to surround myself with just white folks. We're terrible when we're in charge.)

I was surprised to see this statement posted inside the glass of the development project that replaced it

Comparison is the thief of joy. ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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