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They say there are two kinds of tired: one requires rest and the other sleep.

There is a third secret kind you get as a trans person reading news coverage of trans people.

Corporate presences in community spaces 

I don't want to see this place dominated by corporate voices, but with deliberate moderation and enforced consequences for not playing by the rules, it could be extremely useful — as an example, official voices of news outlets being able to directly counter disinformation. Companies providing front-line support (a real early killer app for Twitter, imho).

None of these are advertising.

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Portugal's infrastructure minister gets it:

“If we simply replace all combustion cars with electric cars, we will end up with the same kind of congestion, the same huge amount of lost time in traffic, the same unsustainable levels of road accidents, and the same struggle for public space."

“The car overwhelmed city life and it is something that must change.”


If some rich dude can buy the public square, then it wasn't the public square.

Mastodon 4.0.2's interface, connected to a Mastodon 3.2.0 instance. A bit dodgy, but it works.

The limits of "community" through social media, part 1 

As thousands leave corporate-owned socials for masto, we praise it for being different, which to a point it is. We believe that once users are out of the corporate controlled environment, everything will be fixed, happily ever after. Desiring fast, singular solutions to problems is a characteristic of white supremacist thought processes. Wherever you came from, you still have the unwritten rules of engagement ingrained into how you think about writing. Even if you have been on here awhile and you feel much more "untainted" than the new arrival, guess what, you still live in a society. And that society is capitalist, it's been all you've known since birth. You have cops of various strains in your head too. The voices from your past that aren't so kind still echo shame in your head and stifle your behavior. So proceed with empathy and know that there will be multiple solutions that spiral out over time as people reorient themselves, which happens with practice, not overnight. We have many neurons to rewire. Liberation moves like a murmuration of birds, not like a flat plane moving forwards uniformly and linearly.

The limits of "community" through social media part 2 

Whether or not we build online social spaces that allow us to de-program capitalist-encouraged ways of interacting, there are still some other psychological limitations to thinking of online space as community.

Online space is disembodied and spatially disconnected from place. Scrolling and dissociation go hand in hand. And since we are operating from a place of bodily disconnection, it stifles our ability to actually connect. Lacking physical connection, it's hard to develop real trust. So any connection we feel here does not get embodied, it stays in our heads. From that, when we venture out into the real world, we can still feel really disconnected from our surroundings, distrustful of our actual neighbors. There is little way to connect with people who are geographically near you either. Perhaps this grew out of security culture, and perhaps it keeps you safe from some threats, but in the long run I think we shoot ourselves in the foot. There are a bunch of local-themed instances in Europe, why not the US? Are there differences in fear of repression/it being used against you somehow?

I understand that disabled comrades rely more heavily on online interaction because irl spaces are inaccessible, but that doesn't mean we can't critique it. Really we could and should be critiquing the inaccessibility of irl space that caused disabled people to have to search elsewhere to get needs met! It shouldn't be ok to have certain folks be relegated to disembodied forms of comnection. Problem is that's a bigger, less immediate challenge - one that requires massive systemic change. So for now we find ourselves putting up with this band aid.


Boebert’s 1,112 vote lead is now in real danger as thousands of votes for Adam Frisch could be fixed within the week if volunteers succeed in having select ballots confirm their signatures.

If you were notified that there is a technical mistake on your mail-in ballot, text COLORADO to 2VOTE (28683) to cure your ballot.

🗣 If this comes up on your TL and you're NOT from CO please BOOST for visibility🗣


The Tom Holland Singin’ in the Rain Lip Sync in the timeline rule still applies, right?

What Abba never mentioned is that Dancing Queen is really a figurehead position. All the real power is in the hands of Dancing Parliament.

I don't know who needs to hear this, but:

Your Code of Conduct is not a neutral document, and it does not apply a neutral "everyone is equal".

It is biased.

It is biased by society by default and if you DO NOT CHOOSE to alter that bias, it will propagate all the racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other harmful practices that hurt marginalised people.

You have to pick your bias here.


TIL🧵2/3: Many have said it, I'm going to say it, too: I miss Quote Tweets. I appreciate the thoughtful justification for not implementing them, but also disagree. My ideal would be

a quote tweet that points up 😍☝️
rather than Twitter's pointing down 🤬👇

because I think sometimes it's really important to contextualize or emphasize why you're boosting someone's post.

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Boost this toot if you're planning on sticking around Mastodon whether or not it becomes more popular than the birdsite.

“Enable MFA everywhere you can” is horrible advice.

Enable MFA IF:

- you can handle managing backup/recovery options and codes for that service long-term
- you are a member of a particularly threatened group: journalist, admin/SRE, persecuted group, etc.
- there are modern options like Passkey support.

otherwise just use a good password manager and random, unique passwords.

A spaceship landed, and an alien emerged.
"We come in peace," they said, "Take us to your librarian."
"Er... Don't you mean our leader?"
"Why? We already have leaders."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories


Anyway, people need to fucking learn that someone's behaviour outside of your clubhouse is absolutely a factor you should be considering in deciding if they should be welcome in your clubhouse. :blobcoffeeunamused2:

One of my crow friends decided to give me a gorgeous autumn backdrop for picture-taking today! 🍁

They follow me on dog walks to get the occasional treats I toss to their way. Love these amazing birds.

#Crows #Corvids #Autumn #AutumnLeaves #Photography

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