if I were aunt beru I would simply serve the stormtroopers some delicious blue milk and not resist because I have nothing to hide

@applebaps those Stormtroopers feared for their lives! They're the thin blue line that stands between order and outright rebellion!

@spookywitch how many innocent people did the rebels and their fanatical Skywalker go on to murder at the so-called "death star" battle station? all for their fascistic misogynist "jedi ideals". their sad devotion to that ancient religion almost makes me feel sorry for them, if it weren't for all the families lost on 9/11 I mean in a galaxy far away

@applebaps what's worse is their vilification of the elderly statesman, Emperor Palpatine, and his amputee/burn suffering victim assistant is grossly inappropriate and flies in the face of basic human decency. "Sith" are just an imaginary boogeyman whose invention by the Rebellion is nothing more than the basest propaganda. We all remember the holo vids of what happened to Chancellor Palpatine when he was brutally attacked by sycophants of the Jedi cult. The reality is that the Rebellion puts the safety and well-being of upstanding imperial citizens at risk by sowing discord and misinformation about the Empire.

@spookywitch Palpatine is a damn hero if you ask me. nobody at his age should have to fistfight people with force powers in his own office

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