dogs and cats agree: the only good nazi is a punched nazi

dogs and cats stand ready despite their differences to mobilize and expropriate what belongs to the workers at the drop of a hat

groups of dogs gather food and clothing into communal stockpiles, and distribute it to the people in need. cats stand guard, and take charge of kicking billionaires out of their homes, converting mansions into free hotels


dogs bark at all landlords until they agree to give up the trade and get a real job helping to get housing to those who need it instead of gatekeeping

cats eye the rich with disdain until they can't take it any more and dissolve all corporations

cats liberate pharmacies, ensuring that drugs continue to be made for comrades in need of insulin, estrogen, testosterone, anti-psychotics, and thousands of other life-saving drugs

dogs are also there for the pharmacists to pet

dogs learn quickly and become certified Dogtors to help anyone in need free of charge

cats are the receptionists. they don't answer the phones, TERRIBLE customer service. glorious

@applebaps customer service is not comrade service, cats know what's up and are cool as fuck

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