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🤔 i like to imagine it's a tiny worm you tell your oath to, and then it burrows underground to grow up. and the longer you keep your oath, the bigger and better the worm gets until the day you need it to return to the surface for some reason. like maybe to devour your enemies, or just to ride through the drive-thru?

but i'm just spitballin here. there's a lot of directions and possibility for oath worm.

@jackdaw_ruiz @DMX@radical.town @bryn the oath worm is mortality, it awaits us all. at birth we swear to it to return

we accumulate our experiences, we live, we love, and at the end, we give the gift of our lives to the oath worm, who takes us in and recycles us for the benefit of the soil and for all living things that grow

@applebaps @DMX @bryn

brb off to lead a rich and fulfilling life so i can be mad tasty for that worm when i go.


@jackdaw_ruiz @DMX@radical.town @bryn such is our duty as those who swear the oath. wormspeed to you

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