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I am the bone of my toot
lewd is my body and politics is my blood
I have created over a thousand toots
unaware of likes
nor aware of boosts
withstood CWs to create memes, yet I can't hold all these ______
so as I pray, unlimited toot works

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this was surprisingly cathartic, and VERY DIFFICULT on master difficulty, like holy crap. i had to re-load like 5-6 times. at the very end, after the vast majority of people had been cleared out, small groups of of 3 stalkers kept spawning in around the outskirts of the area so i had to be super on my guard while looting and listening always for that beep of a new contact

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Therapist: fence chest isn't real, it can't hurt you
fence chest:

National Lampoon's Star Trek: Carry On, Muppet Exorcist, Based On The Novel Push By Sapphire. A Quentin Tarantino film.

the hardest part so far has been learning to read the alphabet, and even that has been much easier than japanese's literal 3 alphabets, one of which requires years and years of memorization

overall i give Ukrainian a 10/10, it's beautiful to listen to, fun and relatively easy to speak. still a little unsure on my vowel pronunciation but i'm getting there

the declension though. doing that properly is gonna take a while for sure

overall i'm finding Ukrainian actually quite a bit easier than Japanese was to learn. after only a week of daily practice i'm starting to hear the shadows of words i know lurking inside what people say when i hear it spoken aloud

a lot of the words are weirdly, surprisingly, familiar sounding. like if somebody says to you "moye khobby? literatoora" you can kinda figure it out

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reboot of Early Edition where instead of a clean cut white guy it's an inner city Black kid getting tomorrow's newspaper and he just stresses out because he can't actually do anything about what's going to happen

listening to Paramore like i'm in college again lmao goddamn

@byttyrs you GM an expertly planned campaign, I show up with a character named Diet Pepsi who is literally a mage of Pepsi

@applebaps "a man isnot a man, but a penis. an instrument. a skinflute" -ayn rand, the fountainhead

its just an excuse, soon they'll realize their true motivations

there's this convenience store near where my husband works that makes just completely awful sandwiches

you always think they're a good idea, they look good on the fridge shelf thing. but then you bite into one and you remember why you never get them

however! today i had a chicken salad sandwich from there and it was actually pretty dang good. thanks for listening

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