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I think the Macarena was, for me, the moment I realized humans are a hive mind waiting for the right stimulus

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just playing the latest online skinner box with the lads, no fomo

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hello if you're new to Applebaps Posting Company we would like to reiterate that our policy here is fuck nazis acab communism now. all sentient beings have Buddha nature except nazis and cops

thanks and have a great day

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This Is Just Revolution

I have eaten
the rich
that were in
their mansions

and which
you were probably
for the wall

Forgive me
they were delicious
so white
and so old

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y'all posting your hot takes. but when will you hot give

if your gender doesnt spark joy, throw it away

@lemoncarrots this. Also compare any competitive show with adult cooks to a show like face off where they're competing for way more money but also manage to be decent to each on the whole
Why is it the people who make monsters for a living are much better people than the ones who make cakes?

@taweret also the 8 year olds usually do it without being jerks

I've seen so many episodes of chopped junior where the kids help each other, even though they're competing for money

jank out with your crank out
jam out with your ham out

Simple Country Klingon Lawyers Hate This One Weird Trick

Conservative spending and cops 

as a proud lover of sharks and maritime knots I am happy to indulge all your findom kinks haha. get it, it's not lewd

@efi @applebaps i don't like that they have bones. they seem like they shouldn't, but they do

@applebaps area 19: bowling balls, clown shoes, grease, penguins

@applebaps every key ever lost finds its way here
nobody brings them, they just happen to be found in these rooms
nobody really thinks it matters 'cause they already have a new copy or changed the lock anyway

34/f/alaska, that's right i'm 34 degrees fahrenheit. i'm a dead body and if you don't post this to 10 threads i will come into your house tonight and mess with your thermostat

i have The Inside Scoop on all the Area Layouts and Contents

area 48 is the one you actually want if you're looking for alien type stuff. 51 is where they do intake and inventory but 48 is long-term storage. get you're areas straight, people

im trying to imagine the mindset where you still use "democrat" as an identity for yourself or others and its simply impossible. these people have crossed the threshold of intelligibility

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