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We now officially have a @Liberapay account for this instance. If you want to donate, feel free to do so. has been upgraded to Mastodon 2.7.0

Blog post describing the major changes is available here:

We are currently experiencing a DDOS attack on our server which is slowing down federation considerably. Access and use of the instance is not affected though.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I'll do my best to mitigate the attack.

- @ChatLibertaire just got upgraded to Mastodon 2.6.1

Major feature: The direct messages column has been remastered

Highlights from the changelog:

The migration is done. If you see anything that doesn't work properly (email, missing image, mixed-up image, …) please report to me

- @ChatLibertaire

Show thread is going to be down for a few hours either tonight or tomorrow to migrate to a server with more disk space, I wasn't expecting the database to grow this quickly, it's my fault, I'm sorry.
However it should take a lot less time than the previous migration and cause much less problem.

- @ChatLibertaire

Sorry was unavailable for the last few hours. I made a mistake while transferring the domain name to a better registrar and haven't seen it was broken until a few minutes ago.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

- @ChatLibertaire is going to hopefully migrate to another server around 20:00 tonight (GMT+2).

Long downtime to be expected

Sorry we had a bit of an disk space issue on the server and this instance was unavailable for the past two hours an a half. The federation and login was broken for everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience. This is now fixed.

Hi, we just upgraded to Mastodon 2.5.0 :happy_anarcat:

This release adds:
* A new public UI
* Reply counts
* Public profile endorsements

Full change-log:

Also, some of you may have noticed that the instance's liberaypay is not available. This is due to the fact the the payment method have change and there seems to be some problems associated with this. I'll get back to you as soon as it's resolved.

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This instance has just been upgraded to Mastodon 2.4.4 which fixes some vulnerabilities.

Things to note this months:
* This instance is now home to almost 600 people!! +300 in one month, wow! Welcome to everybody!
* :transbian: has been added (feel free to discuss the addition of other custom emojis with me: @ChatLibertaire)

This instance has just been upgraded to Mastodon 2.4.3.

Full change log available here:

Things to note this month:
* :oh_no: :gay: :so_gay: and the custom :happy_anarcat: have been added
* We reached more than 300 accounts
* Liberapay is having some issues so if you currently donate to our liberapay please read this post:

We now officially have a @Liberapay account for this instance. If you want to donate, feel free to do so.

This instance was just upgraded to Mastodon 2.4.2 featuring a few fixes.

Other things done this week:
* :blobcatpeek: :blobcatsurprised: were added
* The (spam related) IP ban was removed a week ago and we haven't got any spam accounts registered so far.

A month has passed so a new name has been attributed to this account. This month it's « Freedom »: a London-based anarchist newspaper

Other things done since may 20:
* :anartrans_symbol: :anartrans_symbol_black: :ancom: :love: :blobreach: :blobsnuggle: :heart_eyes_cat_bi: :heart_eyes_cat_lesb: :heart_eyes_cat_lgbti: :heart_eyes_cat_trans: :pusheenblob: were added
* Some IP ranges were banned because they were the source of spam on the instance. I might remove this ban by tonight (european timezone) if the new improved e-mail validation system is strong enough. Sorry if you experienced problem with that (I know of at least one) got upgraded to Mastodon 2.4.1.

Release details:

Please tell @ChatLibertaire if anything seems wrong got upgraded to Mastodon 2.4.0rc4 this morning.

This version adds an option to hide the list of your follows/followers, among other things.

Other things done this week:
* got suspended. For more info see:
* got suspended. For more info see: and

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