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the law enforcers are not higher than the law

special privileges are revoked with noncomformist behavior

I am not getting paid to smile while I rot

and I'm not smiling amd I'm not rotting

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if we take care of each other in our daily lives and also (hippocritically) leverage the county/state to provide services to disabled and elderly/youth, and social safety nets

then we may be able to realize the federal level is unneeded

and then subsequently realize the state level isn't needed

I call this deconstruction

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Me, in terms of Anarchist canon:

Learned it locally

Then slowly realized power and control sorta suck for me

Was deft when people started calling me an anarchist, and turned to my anarchist friends and I said "What are they talking about?"

And then read about Anarchism from general books and internet, and then found out: OMG. This actually is. A thing. Of mine.

Voltairine did some badass shit, and Emma is decent in terms of spreading the ideology

I don't have any hope for this country UNLESS individuals can detach themselves from the credit system and the banking systems

that's bottom line biggest issue is our codependency cycles with banks and creditors instead of each other.

And even though things *seem* stable now, here, as opposed to other cities or places,

I'm still readying and preparing myself for full nonindustrial anarchism, with all the realities that come with it

and, of course when I get too sick or something, go to a hospital near hers because nothings ideal.

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Not to mention all the local farm or urban gardening around here.

and the type of businesses

and the multiple faith and religious tolerance

I'm grateful for it

Sure it isnt an ideal place for an anarchist to be making a non-industrial independent affinity group, though there's something to working within reality that really hits home with this one

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I actually am starting to understand how a racially integrated multicultural and multi-class multi role neighborhood is really resilient in its day to day happenings.

Sure, it isnt perfect though guess who's not ever ever welcome: white supremacists or people of that viewpoint.

I don't enjoy how much police presence is here.
It's a very complex neighborhood.

don't point the finger at the people who are responsible for perpetuating the harm and suffering inflicted on us all

not a finger

I have my own religion that the earth is sacred and because religious rights are above all else, all the people who are attacking the earth are within grounds to be removed forcibly from the church (which is the atmosphere of the earth)

it's my religion, these people who are responsible for the harm to the body of the earth have to be ejected into space without space suits or spacecraft

religious freedom above all else in the states

Reading Paolo Fiere Pedagogy of the Oppressed.002 today 

enjoying how revolution in this book is something that has nothing todo with any type of following orders

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Reading Paolo Fiere Pedagogy of the Oppressed.001 today 

"The revolutionary effort to transform the structures radically cannot designate its leaders as its *thinkers* and the oppressed as mere *doers*"

cut out the things causing you to be weighed down and less in tune with your ideals in a practical way

decide to act within your own life instead of being stuck within the 'it is what it is' constraints of the day

I'm thankful for my ability to ride my vehicle independently.

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Refusing to understand the requirement of adrenaline for revolution

when you could, y'know, build something longterm

what's external validation other than a glass of water, enough food, shelter, and enjoying the rhythms of the earth

nothing more

honestly, some one must have noticed that the fair tax was on the ballot to be voted yes or no to by voters

and then the property taxes were raised instead, by City Hall.

it's so obvious.

Make a grey area where there are decisions of individuals under the influence of paid for advertisements

and then make a definitive area where the people have no say and the bought officials decide whats best for their money

Fair Tax on the richest in Illinois is voted 'no' because of corporate billionaire propaganda, though City Hall Decides to raise property taxes on everyday citizens instead

Get the fuck outta here, we know who set this up, and their addresses are available

wondering anarchism and its global implications

how one human locally is impacting the entire whole

how standing for something and existing as a way of life is maintained at the same time as direct action forwarding anarchism itself, instead of feeling flames of "Other"

also, an understanding of law

not a Belief in the law. An understanding of the law.

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what frustrates me, is that being able to do all this kinds of self defense, (to varying degrees)

what frustrates me is that when inside my own space, it does get sorta cold sometimes.

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