In the kitchen is @anarkeolog whistling the internationale to my 2 weeks old baby :blobcatpeek:

even if it were true that every socialist movement has objectively failed, if you see socialism as a politics of liberation, it wouldn't matter. it'd be like saying slave revolts always failed

#OtD 23 Aug 1927 in the U.S.:

Nicola Sacco & Bartolomeo Vanzetti, anarchist workers and Italian immigrants, were executed for the alleged killing of a bank guard during an armed robbery. The presiding judge admitted they did not perform the murder or the robbery, but were "nevertheless morally culpable" for being "enemies of our existing institutions." Hundreds of thousands around the world protested their execution.

LGBTQ stands for Let’s Give Broadswords To Queers

Comrades! Do you need help with a or ? I do and I am willing to donate my labour to activists in need.

The venn diagram of people who think community standards are "censorship" versus people who think personal boundaries are "controlling" isn't a circle, but there's a lot of overlap.

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Community standards: The discussion of, creation of, modification of, etc, etc, is not "censorship." It can be many other things, and sometimes can be unhealthy. But it ain't censorship.

US South politics, direct action, + 

About a year after Durham NC protestors took down the confederate statue at the old courthouse, UNC-Chapel Hill protestors have done the same with the confederate statue on campus. (I love the slogan on the hat the protestors stuck on the statue afterward: "Do it like Durham", though that's obviously not the most important bit.)

So pleased that Silent Sam has finally been toppled!

History of the situation:

Prison strike 

Solidarity with the nationwide prison strike in the U.S! ✊👊


Comrades! Do you need help with a or ? I do and I am willing to donate my labour to activists in need.

If you can be in Stockholm on September 1,
it's the 25th anniversary festival of the Anti-Fascist Action (AFA/antifa) network in Sweden!
Held by their own "Club Class War" at the autonomous social centre Cyklopen (

The festival starts at 16:00, including outdoors activities and child-friendly spaces until 21:00, when the indoors club starts, with several DJs and live music until 02:00 (entry fee 100 SEK).

You should go.
Tell your friends!

*steps onto Soapbox of Sincerity*

hello Mastodon! we've had a zesty couple days here and i just wanted to offer a very quick thought.

while nobody can predict with 100% certainty what this platform will ultimately become over time, it's already within your grasp to make it positive and powerful.

when you find good people here, when you find YOUR people, form a real connection with them. build a real network to share support within, and affect change in the world.

📣 Organization IS Power!

Reading Chapter 10 of Capital. I would 100% watch a TV program with the format of a police procedural but instead of pigs they're mid-19th century factory inspectors trying to get to the bottom of labour exploitation.

Petition to rename the federated timeline to "toot le monde"

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