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my most unpopular (yet pretty basic) opinion: things that people blame capitalism for in the current era are facets of humankind that in fact vastly pre-date the rise of capitalism in society, an will require a far greater re-engineering effort, whose shape is possibly hidden from sight by strictly anti-capitalist stances

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Con todos ustedes, el niño de Zumosol haciendo de Bruce Lee:

f half your posts link to twitter, you should stop lying to yourself and go back to twitter.
In conversation Saturday, 29-Jul-2017 07:05:50 UTC

For those who have not yet decided where to go on a " isolated " vacation. Off-grid" paradise - solar panel electricity and locally sourced water. During this vacation, you will not consume from (or pay to) any company or electricity or water. But there is no shortage of internet - cooperative. Mountain for walking or cycling, rivers and beaches nearby too. And conversations available in English and Spanish :D whole pics album:

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Question to everyone who has a small #datacenter or #homelab :

Would you mind posting an image of it?
I am trying to gather some ideas for a future datacenter/hobby house. Would be nice to see all of your ideas and solutions!

@thechangebook Thank you , yes that is what I wa talking about. Good that you're thinking Free Software :)

I've used 100 Firefox Container tabs!
Yes cheesy to just advertise something as mainstream. But containers are useful. Very useful.

Only, not sure if they should be counting my container tabs ...

Still very useful, I highly recommend this add-on

"the USA is largely a third-world country blanketed in first-world narrative. [...]
And this is entirely by design."

😻 A cat explains how HTTPS a comic! 😻 via @dnsimple

@thechangebook you don't seem to be on gitlab or github. where do you publish your code?

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Why the hell is sans-serif the default type of font for everything? Please, tell me the difference between l I and |

Lowercase 'L', uppercase 'i', and pipe

@raye I found raw egg yolk to be good on burns

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Users need to remember that gratis use of non-datafarming online services is a gift, not a right. If we don't have the skills / resources to self-host, we depend on others who do, and we need to be actively looking for ways to give back. That might include things like donations towards hosting costs, or reporting of outages and other problems in a friendly, non-demanding way. Even just an occasional 'thanks for this awesome service, we love you' message is a good start.


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