From someone hit by cops in the George Floyd protests in the US:

the international protests in solidarity with black lives matter and police brutality protestors here are really meaningful, and they help to sustain the pressure here.

thread πŸ‘‡

I've never seen the US come this close to seriously considering defunding the police. we're still a long way from the right fixes, but there is a willingness to consider change that i haven't seen in my lifetime, so now is not the time to stop pushing. πŸ‘‡

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anything y'all can do in support of the protests is very much appreciated.

hitting the streets is great
donating to bail funds in US cities is good
supporting people of color in the US who are pushing for change

πŸ‘‡ is a POC-led US org that has been pushing for police and prison abolition for many years. they're serious about it, they understand the work that needs doing, and they understand how to do it better than most folks.

if you want to donate to a US org, is a good choice (they don't have https it seems :( ) has a public statement up
a pretty cool statement:

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