star trek, vibrator reference 

when she has ur lovense account id

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star trek, vibrator reference 

when she gives you her lovense account id

u cant fool me!!! "ken" -- if that is even YOUR REAL NAME???

This is simply more aerial photos of workhouses from the 1850s. ive never seen a computer that looked like THIS. WHERES THE INTEL INSIDE LOGO HUH???? WHY DOES IT LOOK ALL AGED???

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look at this chart. the best evidence for his case is 28 years old, which means his only evidence could be an astronaut????

IF HIS ONLY EVIDENCE COULD ESCAPE THE GRAVITATIONAL PULL OF OHIO THEN why are there no NEW figures huh???? its because "FDIV" is fake. all of this is just rocks!!! with lightning inside!!! magic!!!!

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u can tell hes not a REAL programmer because hes busy using bullshit mnemonics

REAL programmers would have memorized the opcodes and write them to the head of the memory drum BY HAND

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Excuse me Sir but you are asking me to believe in numbers designed specifically for those who are unable to count to "2"???

u cant fool me!!!! its all FAKE

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u cant fool me this is just an old 1700s aerial photo of Wisconsin

people in the minecraft tardis discord: ...

me suggesting a model of the tardis that is 1 block high, and supported in canon:

hey nobody said that the doctor and the master spent 20 minutes of Logopolis making out

the biggest imstake of new battlestar galactica was making the robots sexy women
the yshould have had normal 1970s cylons but he was still attracted to them

fuck it, new strategy. nein nunb with just grenades. lots and lots of grenades.

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