@FrazzledBrynn Special Effect sent me an XBox controller that requires pretty much no force on anything except the d-pad, and an XBox adaptive controller with low force switches for the shoulder buttons. It has massively improved my ability to game. I also use it with my tablet, PC, steam deck, and the switch via an adapter. They'll lend them for as long as required. They can give advice too, and help anyone with a physical disability.

If you can get the spoons to contact them, I recommend it. specialeffect.org.uk

The C standard itself makes clear that, anything can happen, and it says that because *it cannot predict weird architecture behaviour*, it also says that you should probably warn the programmer when UB happens.

And GCC abuses the trust we put in it to dyke out null pointer checks in the goal of getting 2 extra milliseconds out of a loop, instead. And it feels pretty clear that that's not really what was intended by the spec??

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But like my point is that that isn't a fault with the language standard per se, it's instead a fault with the GNUdiots that decided to fly too close to the sun, and now because of their hubris, we have a language where it's so normal for compilers to explicitly make the worst possible decision when compiling that, understandably, nobody wants to use it.

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A hill I will die on is that UB in the C Standard is mostly perfectly reasonable, it's just that the Standard cannot account for platform behaviours or weird bugs, and they make that clear that that's what they mean in Annex J. As programmers we have a social contract with compiler developers that their compilers will output a reasonable approximation of our code, and GCC breaks that social contract by flying by the seat of their pants to aggressively optimize code so hard it violates safety.

feels like a net is closing in on me and theres basically nothing i can do

Star Trek TNG plot generator!

*rolls dice* Data's exploration of his humanity
*rolls dice* threatens
*rolls dice* the warp core

*rolls dice* O'Brien
*rolls dice* needs to solve
*rolls dice* an upcoming conference

#StarTrek #TNG

Like wow it sure would have been nice to be born into a family where we earned even close to the breadline, rather than below it lmao

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its not like u cant be successful and be my age but wow it sure is amazing how often inherited wealth, even middle class wealth, contributes to that shit through being able to access networks, and its completely changed my outlook

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love too read someones cv and it turns out they're my age and they have like

"director of blah blah"

"curator at blah blah"

and its like hmmmmm yeah they're a nepotism baby fo sho

Let's do an experiment! If you're *not* a professional or habitual programmer, I'd love to hear what you know about what happens between typing a web address like "example.com" into your web browser and actually seeing the page show up. Whatever level of abstraction and verbosity you're comfortable with.

Tech folks: absolutely no making fun of people for being wrong, okay? People are allowed to not know stuff!

Boosts appreciated, but only if you're interested in frivolity 💜

does anyone have copies of the old anthony fantano “resist” vids

he had a running gag where he said “marx predicted this years ago” and i think it’s time to reappropriate that image to point out that marx did in fact predict things years ago

RT being sanctioned / banned content 

Hey so the EU and UK actually sanctioned RT and Sputnik news since March 2022: "the sanction means EU operators will be prohibited from broadcasting, facilitating or otherwise contributing to the dissemination of any RT and Sputnik content."

Its content was removed from social media sites in response.

This may also be the case for other countries, So as a moderator if your server is based in the EU or UK, it counts as illegal content for users to be linking to. Or if its based elsewhere it may be worthwhile you checking the legality of your server being part of dissemination of RT/Sputnik content.

UK users cant access the RT website, its just fully blocked, and actually providing them with ways to skirt that block is not a clever as the Russian Government and by extension RT has been classified as an extremist organisation and accessing banned extremist content could be legally jeopardizing for a UK citizen.



Workers: DO NOT OVERWORK YOURSELF to avoid getting laid off.

- You’re damaging your life and health.
- Your employer doesn’t actually notice (no, really, they don’t.)
- Your behavior enables future mismanagement of resources.
- When layoffs come, you’re gonna get laid off anyway.

Remember that a company’s job is to extract maximum work from you for minimum pay, so your job is to extract maximum pay for minimum work. Somewhere in the middle, both parties find an equilibrium that they agree on. Do not voluntarily modify your side of the bargain to your detriment.


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