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US action v Duterte in the De Lima persecution 

US bans entry to officials complicit in the incarceration without trial of Senator De Lima, who had the temerity to launch and investigation of extra-judicial killings in 's drug war. Charges against her seem trumped up (no pun intended). Philippines retaliates.

North Carolina, voter suppression efforts suffer a setback 

North Carolina, a leader in vote suppression by a majority legislature, suffers defeat as a judge blocks implementation of its voter ID law, with the effect that the law will not be in force on primary voting day

Trump war on the poor, Social Security Disability edition 

The admin's proposed cuts to, and imposition of burocratic hurdles on Social Security Disability payments may endanger benefits for 10000 recipients

is backing out of its operations, and retail giants Big C and Central are bidding for the company's assets.

A hitherto unknown species of humans, dating to 50000 years ago, discovered in a cave in the Northern Island of Luzon in the the

2020: change, not centrism 

Potential 2020 voters seen to want change, not . Especially among younger voters, a "return to normalcy" is seen as insufficient. The Democratic Party machine is likely to try to frustrate these goals

White women turning against Trump 

Election polling analysis: a very significant gap is developing to the detriment of 's re-election chances. White women in the midwest who voted for him in 2016 are abandoning him. Ofc, he still has the bigots and wealthy White men. CNN analysis, so wishful thinking is possible

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Japan's demographic crisis 

's demographic crisis intensifies, experiencing the lowest birth rate since records began in 1899. More than 20% of the population is over 65 years. Population expected to continue to fall.

FSB raids Navalny foundation offices 

Agents of 's security forces (FSB) break into offices of 's Anti- foundation, seize laptops and other equipment. The Russian gov't has declared the foundation a "foreign agent". An ally was forcibly conscripted to serve in the Arctic.

Book review: the persistent and wrong assumption of a biology of race 

A review of Angela Saini's book 'Superior', in which she attacks the notion of a biological basis of race. "So the notion of race depends on cultural difference – yes, it is a social construct – yet our brains intuitively insist that biology must play a role."

USpol, 2020: Pundits puffing up Amy Klobuchar 

"Moderates always seem to deal in hopes rather than facts" - Ken Follett

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USpol, 2020: Pundits puffing up Amy Klobuchar 

Prominent US political pundits are desperate to assure that no progressive is nominated by the Democratic Party: they are puffing up Amy Klobuchar, but their enthusiasm for her is not shared by the public at large

USpol: 55% support removal of Trump from office 

In recent polling, the percentage of voters who are in favor of removing from office by conviction in the upcoming trial in the spikes to 55%, the highest level yet; those opposing his removal at all time low

Analysts: Bernie Sanders has a real chance 

Democratic Party analysts, who had earlier written off Bernie Sanders, now seeing him with a real shot at the nomination. Latinx voters are not supporting Biden, and they are thought to be a critical bloc for 2020

A long lost portrait of Charles Dickens, taken while he was working on 'A Christmas Carol' in 1843, turned up in South Africa, and has now been returned to London and restored. The artist is of interest for her advocacy of liberation of women

The high cost in women's lives of state abortion restrictions 

On the high cost of curtailment of rights. States that have implemented restrictive abortion laws have a disproportionately high level of maternal and infant mortality. Women of Color and other vulnerable women. 33 states have implemented 479 restrictions

's economy expected to be sluggish in 2020. Consumption of consumer goods will be sluggish, driven by 'uncertainty over incomes, high household debt, and low consumer confidence'. THB is trading against the USD today at 29.6749, the lowest rate since I've been compiling the forex data

USpol, open WY Senate seat 

Electoral politics: Wyoming Senate seat held for 4 terms by Mike Enzi, is open. Liz Cheney, widow of a Dick, and characterized in the article as a 'chairman(!)' has not yet decided to run. Of course, Wyoming electing a Democrat to the seat is unthinkable

NYC rudest US city 

declared the rudest city in the US, followed by LA and DC. International observers have long been of the opinion that Americans are consistently rude.

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