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Spain: VOX party moves to enter gov't 

Philippines HIV/AIDS law signed 

Narrative on Attack on AfD leader dubious 

Repudiating right wing talking points on coming out transgender 

Right wing obsession over AOC, woc 

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Turkish forces bombarded Syrian Kurdish YPG militia positions east of Euphrates - Anadolu - Chann...

Commons speaker deals UK PM a defeat on Brexit 

Trump walks out of meeting on shutdown 

Australia considering asylum for Saudi teen 

Bremen AfD leader assaulted 

The wall is Trump's Alamo, White House chaos 

Windows will seize 7 gb of your storage and reserve it for windows updates. Who doesn't hate Windows update?

Duterte v state auditors 

Bangkok pollution at hazardous level 

Gov grants clemency to Cintoia Brown 

Thailand will not extradite Saudi teen 

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