Philippines, autonomous Muslim region Show more

"The most dangerous woman in America"
1918: Emma Goldmann
2018: Alexandria Cortez

Mermaids UK, transgender, fundraising Show more

Brexit, plan for Irish trade deal not happening Show more

Trump, Kim summit to be held in Vietnam Show more

Thailand, choking democracy Show more

USpol, dems, apology season Show more

Spain, Vox, homophobia, misogyny Show more

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me @theunitedstates Show more

LA teachers' strike negotiations Show more

4 convicted for compassion, migration Show more

LGBTQ health care, training doctors Show more

Virginia, Equal Rights Amendment Show more

US FTC, Faceborg, user privacy Show more

NH, transgender, birth cert modification Show more

KS, LGBTQ anti-discrimination protections reinstated Show more

Tumblr haven for right wing extremists Show more

Sri Lanka praise for Duterte drugwar Show more

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