ACLU files lawsuit against asylum ban 

Mint 19.2 Beta is released for Cinnamon, Mate, and XFCE desktop environments. I'll wait for the production release

Communist smear campaign against Philippines journalists 

Access to hormone treatment for Thai Trans prisoners 

Philippines law against gender based harassment signed 

End of military rule declared by Thailand PM 

Former Peru president arresting in US on extradition request 

chief Christine announces her resignation, in anticipation of her appointment as president of the European Central Bank

Health Care, Insurance industry, overbilling 

USpol: Bill to extend labor rights to domestic workers 

EU categorically rejects Brexit without backstop 

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shoe companies stop making cute shoes only in sizes up to 39 pls

Philippines: 85% spike in dengue infections 

Trump rule downgrades right of asylum application 

Kamala Harris' record coming back to bite her 

Brexit, PM candidates in denial reject backstop 

Abigail Disney and working conditions at Disneyland 

Queer subtext in US entertainment media, homophobia 

Trump, racism, misogyny, the squad 

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ukpol, homophobia 

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