UK weapons sales to Saudis declared illegal Show more

US judge ends protections for Miami homeless Show more

Oakland, CA teachers to strike Thursday Show more

US law, age discrimination in employment Show more

FL, compulsory patriotism Show more

Organize game developers Show more

Thailand toxic smog "set to ease" w/ summer weather Show more

Thai electoral politics, Pheu Thai party Show more

PM Sanchez calls snap election for April 28, as separatists withdraw support for government, leaving it a minority. The extreme right VOX party, convincingly denounced as , is expected to make gains, or as the paywalled NYT says, it sees a "breakout moment"

Direct evidence of Stone collusion w/ Russia Show more

UK Nazi orgs recruiting young children Show more

Right wing push back v Trump emergency declaration Show more

US citizens detained for speaking Spanish sue CBP Show more

USpol, NC election fraud Show more

Protests in Philippines over journalist's arrest Show more

I have occasionally received glares disapproving of my gender presentation when in public in , whereupon I satirically bow.

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a statement from Portland Assembly on the Portland Police and Patriot Prayer collaborating Show more

Brexit debacle. Barnier: May's strategy has failed Show more

Walmart, women sue for gender discrimination Show more

Thailand Party nominates Trans woman for PM Show more

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