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I am gradually moving my gmail email traffic to disroot.org, as soon as I can identify all the websites that use my gmail account

Chile, Catholic Church, sex abuse Show more

Global Livability Index lists the 10 most liviable cities, not one of which is located in the US. comes in at 57th forbes.com/sites/kenrapoza/201

Transgender candidate VT governorship Show more

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Voter disenfranchisement, NH Show more

US Social Security Administration requires a US cell phone number to access its beneficiary service site. Every beneficiary in a foreign country must ask the Embassy in Manila for any needed services. This is beyond annoying

NC gop suffers setback on election meddling Show more

A new law bans the US government buying tech from giants ZTE and Huawei. I have no experience of ZTE, but Huawei makes a very good smartphone and tablet arstechnica.com/tech-policy/20

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idope.se has been down too long for it to be a mere technical problem :(

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Merkel disses the Left Party Show more

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