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cw concentration camps 

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong released from prison 

Thailand lawyers push for sex work legalization 

Thailand opposition bloc seeks to raise support for amending the constitution 

Buzzfeed workers walk out to demand union representation 

US Employers weeding out disabled applicants 

Hong Kong demands ouster of chief exec Lam 

US plastic dumping in poor countries 

UKpol: 2nd round vote for Tory leadership Tuesday. Bojo leads 

US women's soccer outearns men's game, but women players paid much less 

Ireland releases plan to address climate emergency 

SCOTUS upholds VA gerrymandering decision 

Egypt: Morsi dies during court appearance 

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#1yrago Across America, the Poor Peoples' Campaign is building steam and refusing to be intimidated by crackdowns

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US pol, napoleonic aspirations at the WH 

puff pieces in the tech press on distributions annoy me

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@interneteh the number of words coined in order to satire something and then were adopted in earnest by oppressors is astonishing.

Philippines asks for UN help in S China Sea 

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