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Resources and actions for fighting transphobic DHHS proposal Show more

US HHS attack on transgender rights Show more

Uruguay passes comprehensive trans rights bill Show more

Korea beauty industry, some puffery Show more

UK media transphobia Show more

US immigration, overstays Show more

Moscow blocks commemoration of Stalin's victims Show more

Brexit, People's Vote protest Show more

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@acrata The lottery is a tax on people with miscalibrated intuitions about probability

Khoshoggi, Trump, cover story Show more

USpol, Democratic party Show more

FL official charged; stand your ground defense rejected Show more

Sunrise in Bangkok (in a manner of speaking). It''s our laundry day, so of course its been raining hard for over 12 hours.

US Megamillions lottery jackpot hits $1.6 billion, and I'm pretty sure people are losing their damn minds over the infinitesimally small chance of becoming filthy rich

MA trans rights repeal likely to fail Show more

Hillary won't go away, uspol, sigh Show more

HIV prevention breakthrough, perhaps Show more

Thailand, civil unions Show more

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