Religion, Trump as God's instrument on Earth 

Ukraine airliner crash in Iran hit by missile 

is moving closer to being listed by the US as a currency manipulator, due to the present trade surplus of $20.05 billion. The surging THB has been moderating over the last few days, trading today at 30.3530 to the USD

Construction has been completed for 's (light rail) Blue Line loop, trial running of the extension to continue until March

USpol, Pompeo, Kansas senate seat 

Congress, War Powers resolution, Iran 

Vzla politics, Guaido replaced as congress leader 

enters the list of 50 most expensive world cities, and residents are feeling hard pressed by rising prices. The linked article focuses on accommodation (rent) and transportation costs. Bangkok is choking on auto emissions, so drastically reducing fares on light rail might be in order.

Cambridge Analytica document dump 

Stormont, N. Ireland, Irish Language Act 

's Finance minister says that policy makers still have "monetary and fiscal policy space" to reign in the , but for some reason, this is not the time. As a side note, it's almost amusing the US is considering listing Thailand as a currency manipulator, when its attempts to manipulate in favor of the USD have failed.

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analysts predict the value of the will continue to slide, as the blossoming (heh) of trade peace w/ makes the "safe-haven" case unconvincing. There are, ofc, some analysts who beg to differ.

Abortion rights under extreme threat in the US 

I'll be shifting my presence to my account @maeve, so I invite you to follow that account, if you are of a mind to do so.

Virginia, Equal Rights Amendment 

Netanyahu asks Knesset for immunity in corruption cases 

AOC for president, some future date 

US action v Duterte in the De Lima persecution 

North Carolina, voter suppression efforts suffer a setback 

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