Congresswoman Tlaib v Bill Maher 

Proud boys to hold monthly protests in pdx 

Surging fascism, history 

Argentina, hell in a handbasket 

Bojo to tell EU to renegotiate. Looks unlikely at present. Projections of chaos 

Latest Hong Kong protests 

THB continues to inch down against the USD, after Central Bank interventions. USD approaching 31 to the Baht

Thailand acquits 24 red shirts in case on 2010 protests 

Maryland to include LGBTQ rights struggle in history curriculum 

US labor dep't endorsement of religious bigotry 

Literary note: Percy Shelly's Masque of Anarchy, which he wrote in response response to the infamous 1819 Peterloo massacre was suppressed, as considered too dangerous. It was published posthumously in 1832

Cross-party plan to block no deal Brexit 

Shell workers pressured to attend Trump speech 

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Tweet from Jennifer Dowling (@JenDowlingKoin6), at Aug 17, 6:10 PM - Someone has programmed a road sign on SE Grand as part of the protest

UK, remembering the Peterloo massacre 

plans a 316 billion baht infusion of cash to lift the economy, which has been especially hit by the US/China trade war and by the strength of the THB against the USD.

government has nationalized the Ferguson shipyard, the last surviving shipyard on the River Clyde

SCOTUS filing asserts trans workers not protected by Civil Rights act 

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