A stay has been ordered in the implementation of this ruling, so Samoans are still denied their citizenship rights npr.org/2019/12/13/787978353/a

Thai pol, Thanathorn, Future Forward Party 

Walking street markets (i.e. pedestrian only traffic) to open in this Sunday, in an effort to boost consumer spending and tourism, both of which have been sluggish of late. The provinces will follow suit on the 22nd bangkokpost.com/thailand/gener

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US pol, labor dispute at debate venue 

UKpol, exit polling, SNP scores big victory 

India citizenship bill excludes Muslims 

leaps up 43 places on the cost of living table, entering the top 50 expensive cities. Oddly, perhaps, I have experienced no such effects, other than that my pension, converted to THB is worth less than it had been, falling about 10000 THB over the last few years bangkokpost.com/business/18141

US Federal Judge rules that persons born in US Samoa are citizens at birth, basing his decision on the 14th Amendment. Heretofore those folk were classified as US nationals who were not US citizens thehill.com/homenews/state-wat

US Congress agrees to gov't funding bill, shutdown averted 

Jersey City shooting declare domestic terrorism 

US /China trade war, agreement on phase 1 achieved 

UKpol, Tory victory, according to exit polls 

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UK pol 

Trump declares Judaism a nationality 

USpol, possible dem pickup in AZ Senate race 

Class action lawsuit against Disney, living wage 

Suu Kyi denies Rohingya genocide 

KY, restoring voting rights to convicted persons 

UKpol, Bojo's very bad day 

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