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I'm experiencing performance issues with Mint, and just waiting for usb drives to be delivered so I can evaluate installing Arch based Manjaro

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Heavily armed vigilantes detain asylum seekers Show more

CNN reporter stomps a lizard, not charged with animal cruelty Show more

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Journalist covering Derry violence shot dead :( Show more

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A movement that relies on the spectacle of mass arrest as a public opinion influencer  and expects it’s participants to show their face, give their name and willingly be arrested, is a movement that is asking complete self-sacrifice.
The legal consequences of an arrest can ruin your life for a long time and losing your anonimity can seriously limit all activism that you can do in the future. Creating change is important, but it’s work you’ll do for a long time.

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The best Easter tradition is watching Monty Python's The Life of Brian.

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“I talked with Marshall about the Oakland teachers’ fight, the role of billionaires in dismantling public education, what’s so undemocratic about charter schools, and the right of every student to an equitably...”
#RedforEd #OaklandTeachers #Teachers #1u

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On a workers' uprising in early British capitalism Show more

Nazi camp guard charged with 5230 war crimes Show more

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2/3 of US CFOs predict 2020 recession Show more

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