city photos 

i've started taking cursory phone snaps of random shit in an effort to teach myself a little about composition. maybe i'll share some of that here. this morning i went on a small unplanned journey and saw a pretty sky and some interesting graffiti.

found object, poetry 

highly elegiac poem printed on a poster stapled to a pole in Shoreline:

Reward If Found

Lost Boy, Lost Dog, Lost Bike, Lost Cat
Every corner stapled
To keep the paper flat
This splintered old pole has tasted
Scraps of hope
Efforts wasted
Never has it learned
Of vanished things being returned
A final sun-faded flake falls without pity
On the cement footprints of a long gone kitty
Air eats away at the rusty tack
Always remember
Somebody wanted you back


enormous image, basically a blacklight poster 

i picked up 3d modeling again sometime around the new year. i finally got a model i've been working on for weeks to a semi-finished (but untextured and not well lit) state. then i took it into photoshop and made hard-sf stoner art. i guess this is pretty on brand for me. hope y'all are well and safe.

i was in all honesty having kind of a crap mood day, but then one of my coworkers gave me one of @rory 's awesome nonbinary OSM stickers, which mysteriously found its way to Cascadia

thanks so much for designing these, Rory! (you can find the whole set at )

electronics, semi ec 

@RowanYote is building a glow friend! just look at these beautiful nerds <3
posted with her permission

architecture, shitpost 

i don't want there to be any nonsense about "are you the real acetone_kitten" so here, look, i've been on vacation in a beautiful historic city for five days and this is what's in my camera roll

Anarchism Space

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