I finished my first of hopefully many microscale #legomoc of #chicago . This is Daley Center Tower / Plaza, complete with blue line tracks and station, pedway, and picasso sculpture :)

stay alert: scammers have been offering to pay you an hourly rate in exchange for you doing tasks for them -- this is a TRICK! They're paying you much less than you're making for them. do NOT fall for this!

Me: actually, this song is critical of the US and that's why it's kickass

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Ninety. Fucking. Prevent.

9. 0.

The US is nothing but a murderous empire.

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In which Lori Lightfoot gives $600m MORE to the cops chicago.suntimes.com/city-hall

Mayor Lori Lightfoot didn’t quarrel with the $600 million price tag when asked Monday how she plans to pay for it.
“If you check our budget, we’ve been tucking money away for this, little by little, every year. So we feel prepared to manage the expense that will be incurred. And we can give you more details later,”


They show you dancing robots, but what they are selling are murder bots.

god it's six months later and liberals are still licking the boots of capitol police I shouldn't be surprised but still damn

Although Chauvin was rightfully convicted, this does nothing to prevent more people from being murdered by police. Every day, it becomes more clear that abolition is the only solution, and that is still not even on the table for policymakers. We need to force it on the table.

How many more have to go before amerikkka wakes the fuck up? How many more 13yo kids? Burn this shit to the ground.

Joe Biden has been president for 65 days and there are still concentration camps at the border.

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