fun fact: if you say "billionaires are job creators" people are allowed to throw food at you

"billionaires earned their money" is this century's "the king has the divine right to rule"


At the ‘Re-open Illinois’ rally, these two signs were seen.

Who is being called Hitler with a swastika next to his name, is Jewish.

‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ translates to ‘work sets you free’ - it’s literally from the ithe Auschwitz concentration camp.

This is just....


#MayDay was born out of the struggle for the 8-hour day + to stop the execution of Chicago anarchists following the Haymarket Riot of 1886. To this day, its been a launch pad for proletarian struggles - from mass immigrant wildcats in 2006 to the #rentstrike of today. A thread.

The History of May Day/Labour Day/International Workers’ Day; violence; pol 

happy may day!! 🛠 remember our economy is built on the backs of women!

(not you, karen.)

declaring critical infrastructure without commensurate protections for workers, including PPE and hazard pay, is just another offering to the death god

Profanity, covid 

Profanity, covid 


Profanity, covid 

it's so fucked up the covid protests Are being portrayed as a working class movement by the media. when those dudes say back to work it's your boss saying you need to make them money

ah capitalism, still the most efficient way to allocate resources ever devised

Noise demonstration happening right now outside of Heartland Alliance in #Chicago, where children separated from their families are imprisoned. From @littlevillagesn. Read an expose from a former Heartland staff member here:

uspol, sexual violence, bigotry, 

USpol Adjacent, Call to Burnie Supporters... also a meme XD 

us pol 

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