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and i think on a really base level we fucking All resent being marketable. it's people we don't know or care about using us and our bodies and likes and interests to make themselves money without our consent, often in a way that's massively disruptive and inconvenient to us. But western propaganda sells so many of us on the inherent virtue and balancedness of The Free Market that we, culturally, invent different reasons for that resentment

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"i hate cell phones"
"i'm over ttrpg culture"
"i hate having to buy clothes"
"supermarkets are the devil incarnate"
"all movies these days are terrible"
it's all the same baby!! it all translates to "it is physically impossible to do [x] action without a powerful corporation viewing that action, analyzing it for marketability, and invading my personal space/violating my privacy to try and sell me shit and that makes me Vibrate with rage"

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Breonna Taylor grand jury announcement 

So they charged that one officer that was already fired, not for her death mind you... but for "endangering her neighbours" by shooting wildly.

That is the only indictment.

The "criminal justice system" is beyond parody.

ok so apparently there's this app called "civvl" now that hires gig workers to evict people.

go download it, uninstall it, then leave a 1-star review and report it.


why would you make a game just fucking crash if there's not something plugged into the headphone jack

people also try to pull "well the army and police are better equipped. you can't beat them with just some shitty rifle they have tanks". my dude, do you need me to link you to the wikipedia page on the Vietnam war, the War in Afghanistan, the Occupation of Iraq, I can go on here.

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some radio station is playing boards of canada???? what is happening

subtoot about Adults™ 

also back when I was going by "Keith but slutty" a few adults got butthurt about how it might cause them to do Problematic™ things or something?? like excuse me??? you shouldn't feel the urge to make unsolicited creepy comments to ANYONE, regardless of whether or not they're a minor. even if their display name is "public use cumdump", there's still a person on the other side of that screen.

long story short y'all need to learn how to behave

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"meat is murder go vegan", like yeah i kinda agree with the sentiment i guess but fuck you to whoever spray painted that on the greek restaurant in my street

cops, personal, ableism, bitter 

ooh, she said she was being surveiled??? but surely a police would never do that!! i try not to confront people too directly with stuff that sounds so cRaZy because i know whatever emotional support that could exist would immediately dry up if i honestly reported the details of my life

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cops, personal 

posting on my personal anonymous account so cops think i'm saying it secretly and therefore honestly, but posting it publicly so it's easier to overhear.

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cops, personal, swearing 

tired of secrecy. putting so much effort into figuring out what people want from us. every other day it feels like it'd be safe to dig in and start a new life, the other times it feels like the people making that safe are two sentences from being the reason we can't. i wish i could speak more clearly about huge sections my own life. I wish huge sections of my life weren't completely at the behest of such arrogant pieces of shit. love love love. i will never not be that.

Canon wants £56 for a battery charger.
Lenovo wants £60 for a 12 volt laptop power supply.

Fuck both of these people I'm gonna build my own. Pricks.

Gravel Ejected from Asteroid Bennu

Image Credit: NASA's GSFC, U. Arizona, OSIRIS-REx Lockheed Martin #APoD

now there seems to be a misunderstanding,,, I'm on good authority that these streets are OUR streets ?? but I have a militarized police department that seems to think otherwise ??????? could someone please advise??

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