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when leftists do it it's called "propaganda", but when corporations do it it's called "advertising", when liberals do it it's called "the news", and when nazis do it it's called "just a joke"

Finished another piece of music!
This one's a lot more traditional verse/chorus structure than I normally go. But I feel it does some interesting things within that format.

#CreativeToot #composing

has not been seen since
he created the bramble.

social anxiety 

gender/biological essentialism is an ideology whose thesis is the restriction of agency, and to refuse it is an exercise of freedom.
not that too many people who see this need to be reminded of that, but i think it sounds cool

hey y'all. college isn't working out for me, so i'm looking to get into the software development industry through experience

i've been programming for about seven years now. i mainly work in web applications (fullstack) and automation. i'm currently working as an independent contractor for a startup as a fullstack developer; my responsibilities there are planning, design, and development of all systems (front and backend), databases, setup, scripts, automation, and testing. in addition, i basically take the role of a CTO, as the CFO and CEO of the company have no experience in software development

i'm looking for anything. my ic job doesn't let me work more than 10 hours/week, and i really need money to get out of an abusive house. if you have any work you need done, or know someone who does, please reach out

here's my github:
not much public, but i work in a variety of languages and paradigms, and i learn *fast*
resume available upon request

please ~~clap~~ boost

please y'all, i need somewhere to stay, preferrably in upstate new york. i'll do anything, please

fire adj 

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fire adj 

it's 0245 and instead of sleeping i'm starting an ubuntu studio install

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