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@Pops @El_joa There is an autonomous zone in Los Angeles known as Black Unity LA that has been ongoing and still growing. They're in Grand Park right outside city hall and the city courts.

(Edit: link. Didn't want any unjust associations for unrelated videos.)

For some reason people stopped talking about autonomous zones after the CHAZ was shut down, so most people don’t realize that both George Floyd Square in Minneapolis and the James Talib-Dean Memorial Encampment in Philadelphia are still autonomous 3 months later

They’re also both facing regular threats of invasion and could really use visibility and support. The cops are expecting to be able to clear these places out without anyone else noticing

PSA for anyone that needs to hear it:

begging, panhandling, whatever you want to call it, is work. you don't need to apologise for having no money and asking for it from those who do. the act of giving money directly to those in need of money is one of the simplest ways to define an act of solidarity - "from each according to their ability, to each according to their need".

if you don't know, solidarity is more than a fuzzy feeling or a tagline at the end of a letter. it means showing up for people who are in need, listening to their needs, and carrying out what you say you will do. that is voluntary, mutual co-operation.

panhandling is work. it is a job. it's not one that anyone applies for, but the environment is not that different. if you do it on the street, it's easier to see. you have fellow workers, which are all of the other people doing the same work. you have a boss, which is the cops telling you to stop working or they'll steal your money, throw you in jail, or both. they own the means of production, which is the street you stand on while you work. they make profit for their jurisdiction and the injustice system by writing you tickets for your toil and wasting your time.

maybe you're "trying to get a little something for nothing", but you already worked too hard for your wages and the boss won't pay enough. or maybe you just can't even manage working for wages, so capitalism disables you, and then you have to work even harder to have your needs met. surviving capitalism is work. it is work which capitalists do not value.

and that's why it's important to ask about the bum on the plush, the CEO, the "self-made" millionaires and billionaires who get a whole lot of whatever they want, any time, by doing nothing at all. they can do that because they exploit your poverty. if they disappeared, so would a lot your problems in life.

so don't feel bad about begging. join your fellow workers, where ever you may be working, and build power to smash the system that oppresses you.

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addiction pol, once again 

@anarchiv and I just want to add it's not always just saying 'fuck addicts', it's how you treat us and the things we clearly have a dependency with. it's the snide remarks when we fall back on the substances, when we're unable to stay off of them for a week or even a day, it's clearly your attitude when you pick at those things and it's anti addict flat out. we don't need your comments, your snide remarks, or the concern trolling about knowing better than us

addiction pol, once again 

I have zero patience for the dehumanisation of (current, former, or recovering) addicts, I've said this before a million times but I'll say it again

It is perfectly valid to not want to associate with us, but if your rhetoric ever implies that we're not people as much as any other comrade, please fuck all the way off

The vast majority of us is simply trying to survive under capitalism and being a substance abuser isn't what makes our personalities

It's an illness and we're not absolved of the responsibility of it not hurting the people around us, but the vast majority of us are trying harder than anyone who has never struggled with this could ever imagine

Power to you, my comrades who share this struggle and strive to be better people, better friends, better partners, better comrades, and to those who are lost and hopeless

I'll see you on the other side of this fucked up predicament, we'll make it, we'll make it out of there

author/activist death 

David Graeber is gone 😔

«Debt» and «Bullshit Jobs» will probably remain his most widespread legacy, but I will always benefit from his work on Rojava advocacy, «Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology», and his argument on why the superhero genre is, structurally even when non-intentionally, deeply conservative.

all I want in life is to wake up early every morning to make breakfast and tea and coffee for catgirls and enbies and faes. is that really so much to ask

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seeing a freshly cut tree stump in passing kind of feels like seeing an exposed compound fracture in passing


just got a fortune cookie "you will make a name for yourself"

yes i have, thank you

corvids are technically songbirds, but like, noisecore songbirds

Broke: lmao
Woke: loam

Humor is a callous distraction from your daily toil, only in the dirt can you reach enlightenment

NGC 6357: Cathedral to Massive Stars

Image Credit: NASA, ESA and Jesús Maíz Apellániz (IAA, Spain); Acknowledgement: Davide De Martin (ESA/Hubble) #APoD

Birdsite, becoming homeless 

This imgur post discusses how to prepare yourself for homelessness and what to expect.
Full disclosure - one of my best friends has been homeless since the late 2000s has been living our of her car since then and this matches up with some of her lived experience.

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